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Paula Deen’s Real Offense to American Sensibilities? Chitlins…



Okay, can we stop with the Paula Deen already? I mean, using the N-word decades ago and being exiled to a galaxy where William Shatner wouldn’t be able to find her in a light year?

Luckily we have the folks on “The View” to help us process this traumatic revelation.


On Monday, the hosts of ABC’s The View debated whether former Food Network host Paula Deen should be vilified and ostracized from public life for admitting during a court deposition that she had used racial slurs in private in the past and was enamored with an antebellum way of life.

“I don’t know what to say about her,” said Joy Behar, “because it is free speech on the one hand and, yet, it’s so heinous.” [Read more]

Heinous? And to think, Heinrich Himmler went to all that trouble.

Whoopi, Joy and the rest went on to demonstrate what passes for literacy on the Upper West Side these days. Apparently it’s okay to love the South, as long as you hate the architecture. This is America, after all. Or something.

How is it some whites are forgiven, even lionized, for this indiscretion, while others are banned to K-Mart blue light specials for life? I mean, Deen is an Obama supporter.

Not that I’m defending Paula Deen, you understand. Give me a choice between the death penalty and hearing five minutes of that nasalized black-eyed peas-and-cornbread drawl and I’m taking the needle.

But do we really have time for this? Journalists are trapped in Cuba, people!

I think I’ve figured this out, though. Years ago my friend the late Mr. Blackwell was invited to go with his companion Robert Spenser to Spenser’s high school reunion, somewhere in the Midwest. Two words: carbohydrates.

Mashed potatoes! Gravy! Chicken-fried steak! These, friends, are the real insult to Hollywood and East Coast celebrity elitists. That Deen would deign to cook meat, alone, should have been enough to ban her from society for natural life.

C’mon. Everyone knows that simply having used the N-word decades ago is not an offense punishable by exile to the Keith Olbermann gulag archipelago. So it must be the cholesterol.

(Incidentally, Blackwell was only kidding when he mocked the menu at Spenser’s reunion. He and Robert were probably the first gay men that that small-town alumni had ever seen up close, and he said they treated them wonderfully.)

It is a rare day when you will find me agreeing with anything Bill Maher says, but he is spot-on on this one. The word Nazis have created what is tantamount to a roving brown-shirt patrol on Freedom of Speech. Give these guys an inch and they will be beating up and breaking anyone’s windows who disagree with them.

This is the height of liberal hypocrisy.

Whoopi Goldberg? In 1993, Whoopi’s then-boyfriend Ted Danson appeared with her in blackface at a New York Friar’s Club roast, where Danson used the N-word multiple times in a skit. This was hip, gritty liberal humor we were all supposed to get. The sketch was deemed so scurrilous that YouTube purged it from the Internet.

So, if you sound like you are perpetually sucking up a hit of the ganja bowl, l when you say the N-word, rather than turning a one-sylable word into a heavy lifting project, it’s okay? Do we really want these liberals deciding what is or is not appropriate speech? If Paula Deen is a racist the viewing public will judge her, and, I for one, want to know when and where these people exist in our society.

Nope, it cannot be the N-word that Deen admitted using years after the fact that has gotten her ostracized. It has to be the chitlins.


This just in: Rainbow-Push alleges Paula Deen pays white employees more than black employees.

Wait. Jesse Jackson thinks Paula’s a racist? Oh. Forget I said anything.


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