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Why I Hate Rachel Jeantel

rachelIf you are anything like me this morning you hate Rachel Jeantel. Not because she’s black, heavens no! I hate Rachel Jeantel because watching the George Zimmerman trial is absolutely driving me nuts and she clearly has all the good drugs.

While we are on the subject of Rachel’s blackness, though, I do take exception to her stereotyping me as a creepy ass cracker just because I wear chinos and don’t dance well… and that every creepy ass liberal in the country is trying to justify it.

I confess I am a little envious, however, because black people get to say anything they want about each other and white people and it’s like they have a lifetime E-ticket ride.

So, yes, I resent like hell running out to 7-Eleven in the middle of the night and not being able to join in the conversation.

But to suggest that I don’t like Rachel Jeantel because she is black is ridiculous. In fact, plus-size black women have always been a sort of fantasy… Well, another topic for another time.


Drudge linked two articles this morning that outraged me. The first was entitled: What White People Don’t Understand About Rachel Jeantel. I don’t have the bandwidth to display all of this drivel, but here are a few words:

A predominantly white jury is not going to like Rachel Jeantel. Let’s just be real here….

It seems the middle-aged white men on both sides of this case are totally unaware of what Rachel’s life is like – a 19-year-old high school student of Haitian descent who knows nothing more than the few block radius she has grown up in. The cultural differences here are exponential.

But if the lawyers, and especially the jurors, were really listening, they would see that although she comes off aggressive, Rachel was consistent. Yes, the defense proved she had lied in the past, but she didn’t deny it. On the contrary. She was very honest about it… [Read more]

So +1 for Rachel for being truthful after she lied… or something? Okaaay.

The second post is entitled: Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel by Christina Coleman and that one is even more outrageous.

So let’s cut to the chase. Any attorney, jury member, judge or white person in that courtroom is not going to understand Rachel Jeantel. And I don’t expect them to….

She’s hard. She’s black. And your assumptions about her background and lack of education make you feel like you are better, somehow….

But maybe the reason white people don’t understand Rachel Jeantel has something more to do with white privilege then, what they would call, Rachel’s capricious nature. [Be insulted more here]

Uh… no. First, let’s start out by not assuming anything. Because when you do that, Ms. Coleman, you presume to know what is in my heart, and you are not Jesus. Okay, choose your own fly-drawing vegetarian navel-contemplating liberal deity, whatever.

I’ll admit that I was less than impressed by Ms. Jeantel’s testimony, but it had nothing to do with her race or the fact that she was… well, at sea most of the morning.

It didn’t even have a lot to do with her not understanding that a term like creepy ass cracker is pejorative and offensive.

Of course I don’t really Rachel Jeantil, but the reason I didn’t think much of her was because she appears to have concocted from whole clothe an entirely different telephone conversation with Trayvon Martin than the one she originally reported immediately after his death in February 2012.

In fact, Rachel Jeantil seems to have recreated her entire virtual universe since the events of that night.

So when liberals suggest that white people are biased against someone like Rachel Jeantel because she is black, it is sort of like being called a racist because you didn’t vote for Barack Obama. You know?

h/t Drudge


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