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Alec Baldwin Apologizes… Which is what he does best, next to yelling at people

alec-baldwinYes, Alec has once again deleted his Twitter account and issued an apology. This time for calling a Daily Mail reporter a “toxic little queen” and a “lying b*tch” he was “gonna f*ck up.“

Los Angeles Times:

… Baldwin said in his missive to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, “My ill-advised attack on George Stark of the Daily Mail had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone’s sexual orientation. My anger was directed at Mr. Stark for blatantly lying and disseminating libelous information about my wife and her conduct at our friend’s funeral service.  As someone who fights against homophobia, I apologize.”

Baldwin noted his work over the years for marriage equality and said he wouldn’t advocate violence against people for being gay, and GLAAD’s Rich Ferrarro, vice president of communications, responded….

Outside of the apology to GLAAD for using gay slurs, Baldwin was also explaining to Gothamist that he didn’t even see his language as being a gay slur, addressing the word “queen” while ignoring having said that he’d “put my foot up your … ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.”

“[T]he idea of me calling this guy a ‘queen’ and that being something that people thought is homophobic…a queen to me has a different meaning,” he said. “It’s somebody who’s just above. It doesn’t have any necessarily sexual connotations. To me a queen… I know women that act queeny, I know men that are straight that act queeny, and I know gay men that act queeny…” Read more

Translation: Okay, that didn’t work at all, but I wouldn’t have even had to apologize for this back in the day, before the set decorators and hairdressers took over the industry.

I’m going to break ranks with my conservative colleagues here. Sure, Alec Baldwin is a knuckle-dragging simian jerk. No question. In a thousand years when archeologists discover three out of the four Baldwin brothers’ skulls, they’ll think they’ve stumbled on a North American Cro-Magnon settlement.

Still, you have to admire the guy’s tenacity for trying to dominate the world one effete tabloid journalist at a time.

Anyway, what would the world be like without the Alec Baldwins? When you think about it. Okay, never mind that. I’m just saying that, like Paula Deen, he shouldn’t be banished to doing regional commercial endorsements in Bakersfield for saying something bad. Well, for being utterly obnoxious but you know what I mean.

GLAAD’s hypocrisy is laughable, however. Like everything under the leftie bubble dome, intolerance is in the eye of the beholder. If you be holding the big bucks, they be holding up the welcome sign.

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