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Red, White and Blue Tie Squad at RedState Post Demeaning ‘Shopped’ Palin Photo… then Duh



Once again the RINOs and lefty enablers have shown why they can’t find a presidential candidate who people will skip American Idol to go out and vote for.

WTFs are flying all over Twitter tonight for this, the lowest attack on Sarah Palin since The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson launched the “Milfistan” tweet in 2011. Yes, Carlson apologized for the remark, and RedState has, at least in part, apologized for this one, but I get the feeling these guys talk this way about conservative women like Governor Palin and Michele  Bachmann over lunch. You know?

Why? Because it never stops!

RedState misstates Palin and misses the point.

Anger erupted on twitter after RedState’s Peter List posted a photoshopped cleavage picture of Sarah Palin on his Diary, but the content of his post misstated her position, and shows how little he knows about the current fight going on in the GOP.

For all its buzz, RedState is a fairly static presence on the web.  For instance, you can miss reading it for about 2 years, and then jump back in, and they are saying the same thing, with the same people, pointing out the same circumstance, and frankly, being really nasty and angry in the comment section. [Read more]

Here’s some handy rules-of-thumb we go by in Man World, guys:

When it looks photo-shopped it probably is; when it looks stupid, sexist or demeaning, unless it’s you, avoid it. For instance we’ve seen a lot of goofy looking Erick Erickson images around; those are okay, you can post those.

But the primary rule for Man World guys is, when you’re caught with your pants down, MAN THE F@*% UP and admit it. The image was meant to be what it looked like, a cheap shot.

Lastly — and as a really pissed off former Republican I feel it is incumbent upon me to say this — Your freaking party is in the sh*tter… Don’t you think it might be wise to stop attacking Republicans instead of pissing off the entire base?

Hint: If the GOP wants to maybe win an election someday—and we all assume that is why you are here—pass this along to Karl Rove, George Will, Brit Hume, Liz Trotta, Peggy Noonan and… well, I’m sure they’re all right there in your IPhone.


UPDATE: I know, I know, RedState is not your prototypical RINO blog. Well, okay, I don’t know that at all. But every time Republicans engage in this kind of “politics of personal destruction” against members of their own party, it further damages the brand.


Palin made a valid point when she suggested many may desert the GOP if immigration reform is passed in the House. Establishment Republicans are using liberal tactics to silence border-first advocates in their own party, and it… well, sucks.



Oh, and the apology forum for a smear like this is, like, not Twitter? It’s, like, you know? RedState?

h/t Michelle Malkin @ Twitchy, Stacy Drake


2 comments on “Red, White and Blue Tie Squad at RedState Post Demeaning ‘Shopped’ Palin Photo… then Duh

  1. Gary P Jackson
    July 5, 2013

    FYI, in our original reporting, which Michelle Malkin picked up over at Twitchy, West Coast Editor Stacy Drake, a professional graphic artist, not only shreds RedState, but shows how the photoshopping was done.

    So far, all Erick Erickson and Ben Howe have done is lie , and further attack Governor Palin and her supporters. Howe issued a backhanded “apology” yesterday, but as of last night, the photo was still up at their site.

    And these jackasses wonder why their web traffic has fallen to almost nil!

    Thanks for helping get the word out about these losers. This kind is why the GOP is failing with normal Americans.

    • Regular Right Guy
      July 5, 2013

      Thank you. I saw Stacy’s blog and linked it up today. RedState has never been a favorite of mine, but I used to think they were fair. Fact is, this has come down to an Us-against-Them fight and they’re losing, and therefore are resorting to the lefty strategy of ‘marginalization.’ If they keep it up they’ll lose their party. Thank you again for the support.

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