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The Daily Zimmerman: Foot-stamping in the Cereal Aisle

al-sharpton-bet-awards-2012-02Remember back when almost nobody but the primetime lineup at MSNBC could believe that Florida was charging George Zimmerman with second-degree murder?

Now they’re down to, what, littering?

CBS, Tampa Bay:

SANFORD, Fla. (CBS Tampa/AP) — A judge said Thursday that jurors in the George Zimmerman case can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, but she delayed ruling on whether they may also consider third-degree murder after defense attorneys called the proposal “outrageous.”

Prosecutor Richard Mantei argued that instructions for third-degree murder should be included on the premise that Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin because Martin was underage.

But defense attorney Don West called the proposed instruction “a trick,” and he accused the prosecutor of springing it on the defense at the last minute.

“Just when I didn’t think this case could get any more bizarre, the state is alleging child abuse?” West said. “This is outrageous. It’s outrageous the state would seek to do this at this time.”

West questioned how Zimmerman could be charged with child abuse while Martin was on top of Zimmerman “pummeling him.” [Read]

A lot of my fellow bloggers out there seem to think that Zimmerman’s acquittal is all but a lock, but I’m not so sure.

Now that we know the Obama Justice Department has been in this up to its assh*le all along, I can’t help but reflect on the Simi Valley Rodney King jury, and wonder if we are about to see the other shoe drop.

In that case, RINO deity George H.W. Bush ordered his DOJ step in to retry LAPD Sgt. Stacy Koon and one other officer until a ravenous media, clueless Hollywood liberals like Jim Carrey, and special interest groups got the verdict they wanted.

Does anyone doubt that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are at least that low?

Let’s dispense with the PC bullsh*t for a moment. Blacks have become their own worst enemies in post-civil rights era America. When a demagog like Al Sharpton can march into town and incite enough racial furor to press a state government into filing specious charges where no evidence exist, we are well on the way to seeing another city burn.

Sharpton is the ayatollah of opportunistic racial divisiveness, as was Jesse Jackson before him. Just as so-called moderate Muslims refuse to speak out against radical Islamists, black Americans have set ideally by and let this man issue racial fatwas on anyone who presents a convenient target.

But Sharpton isn’t entirely to blame.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is preparing for mass demonstrations—translate riots—in the event of Zimmerman’s acquittal, and well he should—he helped cause the mess when he caved in to media pressure to prosecute.

African Americans have become the foot-stamping children of our society, who destroy the cereal aisle whenever they don’t get their way. It is time for honest African Americans to speak out against charlatans like Al Sharpton and those so easily incited by opportunists like him.

It is time for African Americans to accept and live within the imperfect system that, not only enslaved them, but also set them free.

h/t Drudge, The Other McCain


One comment on “The Daily Zimmerman: Foot-stamping in the Cereal Aisle

  1. Jaels_Song
    July 12, 2013

    There are judicial imperfections that inherent within a free society. It’s not so much that blacks need to learn to live with an imperfect system, but that life can suck some days for all of us, and it isn’t aimed at any particular race in general. Judiciary chicanery isn’t exclusive to minorities, it happens to white people too, you just don’t hear us whining about it. Not that anyone would listen to it anyways.

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