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Race Rioters Accidentally Get it Right… Attack a CBS Reporter

5412328812_racebaiting_thumb_700xauto_949I have to admit, if agitated African Americans aren’t going to accede to my appeal for a moratorium on ganja and Colt 45 consumption in the wake of the completely outrageous, utterly racist and totally, well, no-brainer verdict in the Zimmerman trial, at least they did one beneficial thing with their angst.

Big Journalism:

While covering a local protest of George Zimmerman’s Saturday acquittal in Crenshaw, California, a CBS reporter and photographer were assaulted. Reporter Dave Bryan was in the middle of a recorded interview with a protester when two unidentified men came up behind him and assaulted  Bryan and his crew. CBS LA reports that “the crew was treated for minor injuries.”

The Los Angeles Police are investigating the assault.

This is yet another apparent incident of violence attached to the Zimmerman protests that the national media are all but ignoring. This clip came to me via a tip from Gwilym Mcgraw on Twitter. Other incidents of violence, including the of halting freeway traffic (which is very dangerous) and the raiding of a Walmart, do not seem to interest a media currently obsessed with every other aspect of the Zimmerman trial. [Video]

The media are normally just as obsessed with themselves as the Zimmerman case.

Honestly, can you think of anything more hilarious than media being outraged at becoming the story that they concocted in the first place? Other than the shape of Al Sharpton‘s head, I mean. Okay, that was totally uncalled for. Obligatory apology: On the wild speculation that Al Sharpton doesn’t have a sense of humor, RRG apologizes profusely for that totally unintended but probably racially insensitive remark in advance. And Elizabeth Warren and I both have Cherokee cheekbones, so…

Yes, comedy’s tough.

Welp, there goes the “mostly peaceful demonstrations” lede. Thanks to Jim Treacher for that one. Jim, love you, bro, even if you do work for that RINO wimp Tucker Carlson.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama (a dead-on ringer for Trayvon when he was 12) is distancing himself from Eric Holder’s efforts to manufacture… er, investigate evidence in the Zimmerman case, to determine if he committed a hate crime when he shot the totally only Skittles-toting teenybopper. What, George is supposed to love the guy while he’s getting the sh*t beat out of himself?

h/t Hot Air, Breitbart, The Other McCain, , Jim Treacher, I Own the World via Soylent Siberia [Image]


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