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Through the Looking Glass With Rachel Jeantel

imagesThere is a scene in the movie JFK where Kevin Costner, reciting from Oliver Stone’s wholly fictional rewrite of Jim Garrison’s wholly fictional fable says “We’re through the looking-glass here, people… white is black and black is white…”

And for a time at least—I haven’t checked the polls lately—the majority of the American public believed there had been a conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy; even when fact after fact pointed beyond any reasonable doubt to one man with one gun, former marine sharpshooter Lee Harvey Oswald… You have to admit, it takes some epic doing to assassinate the character of one of the most dastardly assassins in American history, but liberals managed to pull it off.

Oswald was an incompetent loser too stupid to get arrested; just the imbecilic dupe of a homosexual Southern televangelist (played faithfully by Tommy Lee Jones) with a penal implant behind his zipper. How could a man like this, one simple insignificant man, singlehandedly assassinate a messiah?

In an odd way we are seeing the same kind of scenario play out in what, if the Left has its way, will the Trayvon Martin legacy.

Now we learn from Trayvon palamour Rachel Jeantel that the teenager, at her suggestion, thought George Zimmerman might be a gay pedophile, intent on raping him.

Rachel Jeantel revealed this before a stunned… no wait, make that condescending, double-think lefty audience two nights ago on Piers Morgan’s in-the-tank CNN broadcast.

But once liberals draw a conclusion based on their preconceived rationale, nothing is sacred. Not even their own ideological narrative that gay pedophiles are virtually nonexistent. Damn the gay agenda; we’ll repair that later, right now we have gun-toting “white” guy who murdered a black kid to destroy! And a leftist martyr to manufacture.

Understand the racial unrest of recent days is part of the plan. The beatings, fear mongering, bashed windows, fires, even, God forbid, murders. Collateral damage. Cost of doing business.

So we’re through the looking glass, people, with Rachel Jeantel and Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman… where white is black and black is white.

h/t The Other McCain, Breitbart, Jim Treacher, TheDC, Drudge


4 comments on “Through the Looking Glass With Rachel Jeantel

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  2. Regular Right Guy
    July 18, 2013

    Thank you, Blackie!

  3. Tallgrass Palms
    July 18, 2013

    There should be laws against inciting riots and violent public disturbances……oh wait, there are such laws……apparently they don’t apply to black race hustlers and liberal media types; they just apply to whites. When is the white population going to wake up and stop allowing the tail to wag the dog? When will we see a public protest of the avalanche of murder, rape, property destruction and general mayhem being perpetrated against whites every day? Most American slave owners are probably dead by now so how long do we hang our heads, flail the skin off our backs, ignore the disintegration of our society and pretend that we’re making progress?

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