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Clueless in DC: I Only Have A Word Or Two Edition

Paul-Ryan-2011.08.01In an effort of danged admirable bipartisanship and furtherance of the Perv Party’s campaign to get every illegal alien in the nation to the polls in 2014, former GOP VP candidate Rep. Paul Ryan announced a tentative Republican House schedule for legitimizing the 11-to-20 million undocumented lawbreakers presently in the country.

Because Canada might get them if we don’t act now, people!

Roll Call via Drudge:

Rep. Paul D. Ryan might have just given away the road map for House consideration of immigration reform.

“Tentatively, in October, we’re going to vote on a border security bill, an interior enforcement bill, a bill for legal immigration,” the Wisconsin Republican and Budget Committee chairman told constituents at a district town hall event Friday, according to a report by the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

Ryan also reportedly said negotiations were underway for the chamber to vote on legislation that would provide undocumented immigrants with “probationary” visas while they waited a minimum of 15 years to attain citizenship.

The timetable is more than most members will volunteer at this point other than to say there won’t likely be any major action before the August recess, which kicks off in one week.

Lawmakers have also been reticent to discuss what specific bills will be brought to the floor and in what sequence as part of the GOP piecemeal approach to immigration reform.

The 2012 Republican candidate for vice president on Mitt Romney’s ticket and a rising star within the Republican Party, Ryan has only recently begun to lend his voice — and influence — to the chorus of calls to reform the nation’s immigration system.

Asked to confirm whether Ryan’s statements were accurate, a GOP leadership aide said there were “no scheduling announcements to make.”

And remember: Hablamos español en El Norte.

The Journal Times:

RACINE — Congressman Paul Ryan was back in Racine today, holding a bilingual Hispanic Listening Session on federal issues.

Ryan, a Janesville Republican whose district includes all of Racine County, was at St. Patrick’s Church, McCarthy Hall, 1111 Douglas Ave. from 12-1:30 p.m. today, fielding concerns from the Hispanic community on federal government issues.

The focus was immigration reform, where Ryan has emerged as a leader among House Republicans.

The listening session gave people the chance to ask questions about this and other issues in both English and Spanish. It marked one of more than 15 Hispanic listening sessions the congressman has held since being elected, including past bilingual sessions, according to estimates from Ryan’s office.

The listening session was preceded by a prayer vigil led by the Racine Interfaith Coalition, and followed by a press conference with local immigrant advocacy group Voces de la Frontera.

When asked if Hispanics would vote for the Republican Party nominee in 2016, if they pass immigration reform, the leader of Voces de la Frontera said, “Hell, no! We’re voting Hillary. It’s just fun watching these dopy RINO’s jump through hoops.”

I should add that Voces de la Frontera does not include white Hispanics who shoot black muggers.

The meeting was held in Racine, Ws., my pick of cold places Republican House and Senate members can buy retirement bungalows if they continue with this insanity.

File Under: Learn a New Word Every Day and Use It Once in Every Way. Today’s word: De facto amnesty. Say it with with me…

h/t Gene at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot for allowing me to swipe his title idea for this post. BTW: Mary Carey for Mayor!


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