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Shooting War: It Heats Up Between Paul and Christie

rand-paul-and-chris-christieIt is hard to argue that Chris Christie isn’t one of the most desired choices for the 2016 GOP nomination within certain sectors of the party: He’s a natural orator, quick of wit, affable at times, devastating on the attack.

Let’s see, is there anything else?

He’s an anti-gun, green energy, probably pro-gay marriage (although he says otherwise at the moment), pro-amnesty blue state governor with Obama’s personal phone number.

He’s the RINO Barney. No! Not Barney Frank—purple Barney. Huggable Barney… especially if you’re a Democrat bearing gifts. And like other RINO nominees of the past he is a whopper of a flip-flopper on things like abortion.

He and libertarian Republican Rand Paul have had words over the last several days, and Christie’s BK Double Whopper with cheese and jumbo fries (triple Bloomberg the Coke) mouth seems to have lost him the first round.

Yes, Christie is facing a tough reelection battle but why in the world would he want to alienate libertarians?  Paul seems to want reconciliation for the good of the party, so why is Christie blowing it off?

The networks are all ready hammering this dispute as a “splintered battle” for the future of the party. Which is ridiculous; if there is a battle now, it is for the future of Christie’s national career.

Like Marco Rubio, we suspect, Christie sees himself sitting behind a desk in the Oval Office. While declaring his no meant no he dangled the possibility of a 2012 run out there like a carrot on string, driving the media mad for months.

Finally a healthy food metaphor.

Last night, the senator was affable when asked by Greta Van Susteren if he would support Christie were he the GOP nominee. An unflinching yes. He even offered to buy the Governor a beer. Christie quickly snubbed Rand’s beer summit gesture.

Nice guy finishes first, in this case.

RRG doesn’t support Ron Paul; it is far to early for me to make those kinds of decisions. But I have determined one thing. Never again will I fight traffic to vote for a candidate whom I know cannot win.

John McCain and Mitt Romney finished me off. I held my nose and voted for both of them. Truthfully I wouldn’t have voted for McCain at all were it not for Palin.

So while I’m not writing out my wish list, I am eliminating potential candidates who may ask for my vote.

Chris Christie? Okay. When that red phone rings at 3 A.M., I do not want our guy on this end saying, “Yeah, sure. Right after my snack.”

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3 comments on “Shooting War: It Heats Up Between Paul and Christie

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    August 1, 2013

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Saw Rand Paul on Hannity a couple of nights ago and his explanation and reasons to vote to defund Obamacare made sense to me in spite of the dust being kicked up by the RINOs.

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 1, 2013

      I can certainly see the risk, but if it fails it will be because the RINOs don’t back it and the GOP leadership won’t message it to the country, which they are not doing now. Closing down the government is a Democrat problem; closing down Obamacare is a mandate by the American public.

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