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With No More Worlds to Conquer, Bezos Buys Birdcage Liner Factory…

jeff-bezos2-o1Yes, the once venerable Washington Post has sold. No word on whether Ben Bradlee will remain editor-at-large… out there on Long Island. The nurses will no doubt still call him chief, though.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is taking over.

Sally Quinn probably doesn’t have a job. Which is a shame when one considers the hard hours of, um… journalism she put out, er… put in, to be one of WaPo’s Religion writers.

The Daily Beast said it this way:

If Hell froze over, pigs took wing, sheep fell from the sky, and snow blanketed Hawaii, it still wouldn’t be as astonishing as Monday’s announcement that the storied Graham family is selling The Washington Post to a billionaire online-retailing entrepreneur.

Which is about 150 lb. of steaming crap, of course. The Post shut down its out-of-town bureaus in 2011 and hasn’t published anything relevant other than Charles Krauthammer‘s column since G. Gordon Liddy was putting out cigarette butts in the palm of his hand.

“It’s very sad,” said Post associate editor Bob Woodward, who, along with his partner Carl Bernstein under the leadership of executive editor Ben Bradlee, led the Post to a Pulitzer Prize for their investigation of Richard Nixon’s crime-ridden White House. “But if there’s somebody who can succeed, it’s Bezos. He’s the innovator, he’s got the money and the patience, so we’ll see. …”


Still, I remain hopeful that Jeff Bezos will run WaPo by the bottom line the way he has helmed Amazon. I’m not as gung-ho as Dana Perino, who thinks Bezos should run for president, which is… no, I wasn’t going to say stupid… no, not imbecilic… Let’s just call it a big contender for the non sequitur of the decade.


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One comment on “With No More Worlds to Conquer, Bezos Buys Birdcage Liner Factory…

  1. Tallgrass Palms
    August 10, 2013

    It has become so common for a talking-head jackanapes, such as Dana Perino, to “nominate” someone for president just because they made a comment or accomplished something insignificant that made the news……. Jeff Bezos, Dr. Ben Carson, Colin Powell, the list goes on and on. We have a will o’ the wisp in the White House right now so see where that has gotten us. To me, my country is too important to place inexperience, ignorance, incompetence in charge. Like it or not, we need people that understand the political process, understand the U.S. Constitution and believe in it, are fiscally conservative, have core values consistent with our founders, and can inspire us through their leadership. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone right now with those qualities that is willing to run for president. It is too bad that James Baker is too old…..he comes closest to my ideal qualified man!

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