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And now, From Beautiful Downtown Pennsylvania Avenue…The Barry Show!!! Starring…

barack-obama-press-conference-7NSA data mining? No domestic surveillance at all, because shut up…

Obamacare? Just like a new Apple iPad… a glitch or two.

Problems with Russia? What we need are more gay and lesbian heroes… Me and Putin? We’re solid.

Al Qaeda is on its heels… except when it’s not. Benghazi? Yes. Next question…

You Democrats, be truthful, isn’t Barry a little like the cheerleader who made out with you on the bus going to the away game, and then wouldn’t speak to you in the hall the next day? Next away game, badaboom? Or like the jock who took you out once and then didn’t call for six months, until he was hard up for a date?

He hasn’t held a press conference since last April and this is how he delivers?

Why don’t you guys just splice together tapes from his last 20 fund-raisers and invite the White House press corps? Maybe put up a cardboard cutout and a blank teleprompter.

They can ask questions, and you can press PLAY.

Mr. President, is al Qaeda really on its heels?

“Now let me be clear: I killed bin Laden.

Mr. President, what about Benghazi?

As I think I’ve said once or twice before, I killed bin Laden.

Mr. President, why should Americans not be concerned about NSA data mining?

Hahahahah! Because I’m president!

Mr. President, you are establishing a privacy and civil liberties officer to make the the NSA more transparent. Hasn’t Edward Snowdon already…?

Let me be clear: Success should be judged by results, and data is a powerful tool to determine results.

Uh, Mr. President. Huh?

Let me be clear, we have a website.

President Obama, how can you unilaterally delay a major part of Obamacare; couldn’t some future president do the same?

Let me be clear, because I don’t want to be the least bit ambiguous about this. Just today somebody walked up to me—I think his name was Tad or Kevin… doesn’t matter— and told me the Affordable Care Act is affordable and it’s working. So see? Oh, and Republicans want 30 million Americans dead.

Hallelujah! You know? Our national nightmare is finally over!

I know you Democrats are worried about the 30 million Americans who can afford iPhones, iPads, iPods, widescreen TVs and new cars, yet can’t afford health insurance. But, really, wouldn’t you call death panels something more than a glitch?

You think being liberal exempts you?

I mean Kathleen Sebelius is starring in a whole lot of infirm kids’ and ailing seniors’ spooky nightmares these days.


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h/t Drudge, Jim Treacher, Breitbart,



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