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Uh-Oh, The President Didn’t Kill Bin Laden, After All

Funny-picture-of-Barack-Obama-14-500x343Yep. We have it on good authority that Barack H. Obama did not supervise navy SEAL Team Six as they entered UBL’s palatial… um, well, it looked kind of like a garage without garage doors, and killed the Muslim terrorist extremist militant freedom fighter.

The words DROP THE HAMMER ON HIM NOW! were not heard by our valiant heroes from the Commander-in-Chief.

No, the president does not have AADD… probably. He just wanted to get away and think about which world to conquer next… or something

Instead, he played spades… uh, cards. The game with the black, um, un-red cards that are not clubs. The kind that look like an upside down heart on a pedestal only are, er, un-red?

The DC:

Despite the picture the White House released showing President Obama intently watching the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, his former “body man” says the president spent most of the raid playing a card game.

“Most people were like down in the Situation Room and [the president] was like, ‘I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing.’ So he, myself, Pete Souza, the White House photographer, Marvin [Nicholson], we must have played 15 games of spades,” former Obama aide Reggie Love said at an event in Los Angeles sponsored by The Artists & Athletes Alliance in July.

You can read more about Democrat hypocrisy here.

I’m sure White House photographer Marvin Nicholson meant well when he snapped photoshopped Barry with his warrior face on in the Situation Room. But as we already know from Benghazi Barry doesn’t hang out there much.

This is not uncommon. Some people just can’t watch U.S. ambassadors screaming their lungs out for mercy when they’re burning to death, while brave Americans sacrifice their lives trying to protect them, anymore than they can watch terrorists extremists militants freedom fighters die.

Let’s see… maybe Barack’s just a right brain guy?


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4 comments on “Uh-Oh, The President Didn’t Kill Bin Laden, After All

  1. White Pearl
    August 15, 2013

    Lol Yes AFTERALL…..!!!

  2. Duffy
    August 16, 2013

    This is news that many will not hear. It is scary that this man is pretending to be our leader. He is one lazy son of a gun…and that’s putting it nicely….
    We are in big trouble… Valerie & Michelle running the show with soros in the background? How could voters be so stupid?

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 16, 2013

      In the words of that renowned philosopher Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

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