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Sidney Leathers Takes it Up… a Notch…

62049044b72b602c150374405238f188You did not know this. The reason most 24-year-old Obama field support team volunteers do porn videos? The comedy.

Sidney Leathers has taken self-loathing to her personal best, this time with a porn video that actually is a porn video. Not Tonya Harding-level self-loathing, but Sidney’s personal best.

Because as you Hannity fans may recall, “I don’t think there’s a problem with women being open about their sexuality. It turns into slut shaming the second women are open and honest with their sexuality, but men get away with bad behavior all the time.”

Or maybe it turns into slut shaming the second someone who should NEVER take off her clothes for public consumption takes off her clothes for public consumption and then takes it up the… well, for PUBLIC consumption.

Anyway, Sidney is Vivid Video‘s newest star, right up there with stars of yesteryear like John Bobbitt, Tonya and tons of others no one wanted to see.


Talk about a tease: Just two weeks after releasing the sex tape equivalent of a dry hump, Sydney Leathers of Anthony Weiner fame has unleashed a full-(hard)on porno to satisfy the demands of her handful of fans.

Oh, THAT Sidney Leathers… of Anthony Weiner fame! Most Weiner tweetees just faded into obscurity but Sidney must know a big break when it comes… um, along.

Dubbed “Weiner and Me” by the grammatically challenged rascals at Vivid Entertainment, the “film” features Leathers taking her infamous sexting relationship with Carlos Danger (played by a mostly faceless Xander Corvus) to the next level.

“After I did the Vivid photo shoot a couple weeks ago, people already thought I made a porno, so it was like, ‘Eh, they think I did, I might as well’,” the 23-year-old Indiana native told the New York Daily News.

No doubt a thinly disguised remake of the 1935 screwball comedy The Egg and I starring Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert, the Vivid Video production offered Sidney better than minimum wage, a chance to build that all-important resume, and an opportunity to… well, screw and ball.

And it’s funny.

“There is sex, but it has some really funny bits too. That’s part of the reason I agreed to do it.” [more Sidney you do not want to see here]

But there is sex, right? Because comedies nowadays are so unreliable for your movie-going buck.

No word yet on Ms. Leathers’ other reasons for making this embarrassment to the term consensual sex, but that will probably come out later when the dad of everyone’s dreams supports her. No, I mean really SUPPORTS her completely unemployable used up ass, after she’s spent the $10,000.

Just think. If Vivid had waited three more weeks they probably could have signed the real Long Dong Tony for the male lead.


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5 comments on “Sidney Leathers Takes it Up… a Notch…

  1. Chandler's Ghost
    August 21, 2013

    Oh no. Just…yuck.

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 21, 2013

      And… well, yes.

      • Chandler's Ghost
        August 21, 2013

        Well this is quite a dilemma. See, I had this idea of starting a PayPal brain bleach fund and doing a live blog of this video if it ever happened. (I gave the idea to McCain and he said no way.) Maybe not the best idea ever, but it would probably generate some traffic.

        On the other hand, my blog is barely holding on to its PG-13 respectability, and I don’t want to be that guy.

      • Regular Right Guy
        August 22, 2013

        I don’t know, bro. I gotta quick peek at those thighs. People could die down there quite by accident. Brain bleach fund… Hmmm. You knew I was the guy who came up with the turnstile idea for Sandra Fluke, right?

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