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Our ‘Partnership’ in Destroying Innocence

470_2351482.0Google ‘Underage Sex in School’ images. Go on, I dare you. You will find a mug shot gallery of moms, dads, teachers, the always-popular celebrity vibrating appliance wielding Kaitlyn Hunt, and even a Bengals’ cheerleader. (I cannot believe I went to that little baton twirler Perez Hilton‘s site for that one, but there you go. Rough down in these trenches.)

Robert Stacy McCain:

Rachel Carson-Zerbe Publishes Her ‘Jailbait Manifesto’

That’s what Matt Ross at Conservative Hideout calls it, anyway, and it’s pretty scary stuff. Rachel Carson-Zerbe has been one of the most obsessed supporters of accused sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt, and keeps harping on the “but they’re in love” argument and pretending to know what’s best for the underage girl in the case, as opposed to the girl’s “parents whose religiosity and bigoted views” she blames for breaking up this “high school romance . . . first love” i.e., a 14-year-old having sex with a dildo-wielding tattoo-covered 18-year-old lesbian.

Since the exposure of Kaitlyn Hunt’s repeated violations of the “no contact” order sent her to jail to await trial, the “Free Kate” movement has dwindled until all that remains is a devoted hard core following — the most deranged anti-social personalities and deviant freaks. [Read here]

McCain goes onto discuss leniency options in the case and the fact that Hunt already turned down two plea deals. It’s a good read.

But I want to address the culture that created Kaitlyn Hunt and the thousands that are certainly on the child-lesbian conveyor belt as I write.

I wish I’d taken notes, but I only caught the end of a Fox News interview with a professional mother, I believe an expert on diet, over the weekend. Anyway, at one point this — I was going to say mother, but instead I’ll say overly educated pseudo-conservative ditz — said, ‘We are in partnership with our public school districts.’


I yelled at the screen, ‘No, we are not in partnership with our school districts!’ (Sometimes I swear the anchors hear me.) They work for us. They are our employees, hired to provide a service to our communities.’ And they are letting us down, virtually across the board.

Homosexuality is being tolerated, no, promoted, on school campuses across the country, on the word of children not old enough to legally enter an R-rated movie without an adult.

Nothing to worry about Mom and Dad; you won’t be notified.

Imagine the peer pressure in this kind of environment: Everybody does it. I mean it’s so hot! You want to be accepted, right? In some schools lesbianism has almost become a rite of passage. What are middle-school faculties worried about? LGBT harassment.

The message is being laced into advertising (See image recently banned by Vogue above), in television sitcoms and commercials; children are literally being molested via the cultural media.

GLAAD has a site that targets teens. This is accepted psychology in many American schools. Kids are going to screw, and homosexuality will happen when those hormones are revving.

And, of course, they are born that way, everyone knows that.

Which of course, is just a toned down version of 1980’s radical gay jargon: “Five, Six, Seven, Eight! Don’t assume your kids are straight!”

The slogan should be revised for century twenty-one: ‘Five, six, seven, eight! Don’t wait up she’s on a school-sponsored date.’


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h/t ABC News via Yahoo!ShineCanada [Image], The Other McCain (As always)

4 comments on “Our ‘Partnership’ in Destroying Innocence

  1. Matt
    September 9, 2013

    Thanks for the link. That, and your thoughts on the decline of society are spot-on.

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