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Miley Cyrus Tongue Warrantee Recall Alert!!!

gallery_main-miley-cyrus-loses-cover-01I cannot start the week letting Miley Cyrus get away with it. I’ll try to make it short, like her career will no doubt be about the time she’s due for a retread.

In the last month Miley Cyrus gave the Western world a tongue bath, appeared in a music video made even crappier by her gratuitous nudity (definitely not a Rule 5 candidate), and exploited little people from Germany and England. Miley approaches show business like she’s on a bisexual jihad.

‘All eyes are on me, and I’ll do what I wanna do so people remember me,’ Miley told a billion adolescents worldwide from the VMA pre-show circle.


And people will remember you, Miley, as it should be. Important work, preparing a whole new generation of Kaitlyn Hunt victims, leaving parents astonished (WTFU!), and causing seizures on the Left by ‘misappropriating’ African American culture.

Who would have believed Red Bull and an hermaphrodite hairdresser could melt down a career so fast. That was the real no-no for the Left, of course, ripping off every booty tosser since the Fly Girls, and violating Michael Bloomberg’s large drink ban.

I don’t want to insult Tennessee, they have way more than enough with the NEA, but inbreeding has to have figured into this sometime over the last three decades. TENNESSEE, PLEASE KEEP A CLOSER EYE ON YOUR HILL PEOPLE!

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be the DEFCON 3 warning for parents that pimp their kids out to Disney. (Britney Spears was DEFCON 2). But Dina Lohan was a rank amateur compared to the Cyrus’s.

For ‘sweet sixteen’ they built a mansion with Miley’s money and allowed her to roam it freely, while they took the guest house in back. It was there presumably she learned to pole dance.

Oh Google it.

Of course it’s too late now; the CDC should have been notified a decade ago. These parents were elevating stupidity to a sexually transmitted disease.

h/t The Other McCain, Breitbart TV


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5 comments on “Miley Cyrus Tongue Warrantee Recall Alert!!!

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  2. thatmrgguy
    September 18, 2013

    Is John McCain Retiring? If God’s listening…

    If only, right? And It would be nice if McCain’s partner in crime politics would retire, too,

  3. thatmrgguy
    September 18, 2013


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