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Rule 5.01: 1950’s Euro Lefty Cavalcade: Brigitte Bardot


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In the 1950s, she rivaled Marilyn Monroe as international sex goddess, but Monroe had the graciousness to die at 36, leaving an indelible imprint that continues to infect one generation after another.

Brigitte—if you said it right the mere pronunciation could cause a divorce—took the old soldiers’ approach and in 1973 faded away for her ‘real life’, which turned out to be ‘animal rights’ activism.

And, as the French are prone to do when embracing such causes, never stopped to consider that the term itself is an misemployment. If animals had rights they would sue people like Brigitte for putting words in their mouths.cigarette WideVertical.brigitte-bardot-ss091

But here we run into the kind of wacko contradiction that defines European liberalism. In her fight for the ‘voiceless’ Bardot realized something was terribly amiss in France and began to speak out. W:GoatWideVertical.brigitte-bardot-ss18

Her new cause? Halting the Islamization of France.

Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own.”

She began her fight against Islamic ritualistic slaughter of animals for sacrifice and progressed to an all-out war of words against what she sees as a full-scale Muslim invasion of France.brigitte_bardot_subscribe_40

She has since been fined and threatened for her adamant stance against a growing population of Islamist that is rapidly becoming a dominant force in her homeland.

Tell that to a stupid liberal or RINO and watch him or her go apoplectic.

Brigitte Bardot RecliningAs an animal rights activist Bardot has been on the loopy fringe for years, but her fight against Sharia shows the kind of common sense that once defined America, and Europeans shunned like Sara Lee cheesecake.

So, for all her glorious wackiness and, if only momentary, uncommonly good sense, Rule 5.01 Friday leaves you with the incomparable Bardot the Younger.

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images    sunglasses_beachWideHorizontal.brigitte-bardot-ss11


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5 comments on “Rule 5.01: 1950’s Euro Lefty Cavalcade: Brigitte Bardot

  1. Chandler's Ghost
    September 21, 2013

    Huh. So does that make her our kook? I wouldn’t mind.

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