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Watch List Fail? Five Americans in Westgate Jihad

obama-stressed-faceIf you haven’t at some time in your life actually claimed to be born in Kenya, one of the many countries that are vastly superior to the United States, you knew this was coming.

Robert Stacy McCain picked up the story yesterday, via PJ Tatler. Five Americans were among the jihadists who attacked the Westgate mall in Nairobi. The men are believed to be U.S. Somali immigrants: Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, Minnesota; Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid, 24, Minnesota; Mustafe Noorudiin. 27, Kansas City; Shafie Die 25, Tucson; and Dagestan Abdelkarem Ali Mohamed, 21, Illinois. [read more here]

Today McCain and others report that rag hag Samantha Lewthwaite, Britain’s ‘White Widow’ may have been killed in the Westgate mall siege. The rumored mastermind, Samantha is/was a little like the late Elizabeth Taylor, except she collected radicalized Muslims instead of gay men.

So, after the humiliating Tsarnaev slip up in Boston earlier this year, has Barack Obama’s Schutzstaffel, better known as the Department of Homeland Security, once again screwed the pooch on the watch list?

Were these people even on anyone’s watch list? What were they doing in America to begin with? Millions of Mexicans have tried for 50 years to enter the U.S. legally, resulting in mass illegal immigration, and we just can’t get enough Iraqi, Afghan, Chechnyan, Somali and Baltic Muslims?

Here we go with another case of sort the Muslims.

As Americans we must believe in the freedom of religion; to believe otherwise is decidedly un-American. Every American has the right to worship as they choose, or not worship at all. Join a wacky cult and wear bulletproof underwear, for all I care.

But when a religion is also a political ideology, and a significant number of its devotees place its tenets above their nations’ laws, we have something more than a church.

This is surely not what the Founders had in mind. O-duh. When a seventh century throwback sect uses the First Amendment as a shield to guise barbaric activities it surrenders that constitutional right.

How do we as a society determine which Muslims are ‘overwhelmingly’ good, when one can radicalize in 10 days over the Internet? Are we to wait until some good citizen calls a hotline and reports that he or she overheard their neighbor yelling, Honey, is my suicide vest back from the cleaners?

America has now seen beheadings, honor killings, military base jihads, and American-born al Qaeda leaders on its shores. At what point do we get this message, when they move to an American mall?

This is a problem we face with no other religion on the planet. Jews, Christians and other religions may have a hang fire once in a while, but none we know of want to establish a caliphate in Dearborn.

The Left of course has its own caliphate to establish; its jihad is an inane blitzkrieg for tolerance, diversity and inclusion. And in its naïve quest for the utopian dream state it has become by far Islamic extremism’s closest ally.

I’ll go slow for commies, liberals, progressives and their RINO enablers: They beheaded Daniel Pearl!

It is time for the U.S. to treat the so-called War on Terror like a war.

It is time for these overwhelming numbers of good Muslims to prove they are not a myth.

h/t The Other McCain, Donald Douglas, Jim Treacher, Viral Read


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