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Ted Cruz Pulls All-Nighter, but the Important Thing is Peter King

515384916Because chum the Capitol steps with cameras and microphones and Petey is there.

You’ve heard by now that Sen. Ted Cruz carried his ‘talkibuster’ into the wee hours and on into full daylight to strike the iron for defunding Obamacare.

Which Democrats,  Tucker… er, establishment Republicans and media hacks classify as first-degree felony government shutdown.

RINOs can take a deep breath; Texas Zorro has ridden Toronado back to the cloak room, for now.

Feel free to do the full Obama victory lap now. The election is looming, but CNN, MSNBC and  Al Jazeera will… well, still support your Democrat opponents. Forget I brought that up.

The most venomous attacks on Cruz for having the courage to do something few Republicans do, keeping his campaign promises, have come from Peter King, Tucker… er, establishment Republican from Long Island.

This is largely because most RINOs are hypocrites.

NYT Via Weasel Zippers:

When Peter King is going to give you a sound bite, he lets you know ahead of time, so as not to insult your intelligence or, for that matter, waste your time if you’re not that interested in the details.

But please, stay for the footnotes….

Here is Mr. King, a Republican congressman who represents Long Island, speaking on Tuesday afternoon about Ted Cruz…

“My sound bite is to say he’s a fraud,” Mr. King said. “I start with that, and then I go on. It takes me two or three minutes to explain it.”…

Jumping ahead to that third minute, Mr. King said precisely what he thought of the Cruz tactic: “It is just a form of governmental terrorism.”

Something you will rarely see here at RRG is praise for the New York Times, but I have to give them their due. They managed to do a full roundhouse on Sen. Cruz and bitch slap King in the same fluid motion.

King must be feeling hot-danged Tucker… uh, establishment Republican this morning, knowing that he aped almost verbatim MSNBC’s Chris Mathews while driving the shiv deeper into his own party’s ribcage.

Four-A straight classy, Pete. It must be a gift to step outside in the morning, hold up a finger and know—just freaking know—what the Democrats in your district want to hear.

Speaking of governmental terrorism, did I mention Peter King is thinking about a run for the GOP nomination?

Oh yeah. Hands down.

Editor’s Note: The staff at Regular Right Guy would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Tucker Carlson for confusing his first name with the term ‘establishment Republicans’. Mistakes were made, it just slipped out, I’m sorry if I offended you, and I have to spend some time with my family now.

h/t Memeorandum, The Other McCain, Weasel ZippersThat Mr. G Guys Blog


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9 comments on “Ted Cruz Pulls All-Nighter, but the Important Thing is Peter King

  1. Brittius
    September 25, 2013

    Reblogged this on

    • Regular Right Guy
      September 25, 2013

      Thank you so much for the reblog! Locked and loaded, bud.

      • Brittius
        September 25, 2013

        You’re welcome.
        Yeah, looks like it’s back to that. If anything happens in this nation, Soetoro is the guy responsible, along with his cockroach choir.
        November 13th and 14th when the Power Grid goes down, maybe terrorists will strike, or maybe the dictator’s Gestapo will strike? Who knows?
        Just remember: ONLY THE HITS COUNT!

  2. thatmrgguy
    September 25, 2013

    I think King and Christie from Jersey will be just so much cannon fodder if they decide to run, although Christie does seem to have some populism in the NE corridor.

    • Regular Right Guy
      September 25, 2013

      Not sure I want a president who says, ‘Sure thing, right after a snack,’ when he answers that Red phone at 3 AM. 🙂

  3. Chandler's Ghost
    September 26, 2013

    Wow. What a colossal dirtbag. Why even have an opposition if this is what its so-called statesmen are going to do? For a moment I almost disliked Maverick just a little bit less.

    • Regular Right Guy
      September 26, 2013

      I know it’s divisive but there are a few of these guys I just cannot stomach. If they’d just leave the room I could start trashing Democrats again.

      • thatmrgguy
        September 26, 2013

        I’m just surprised that Lindsey “Light In The Loafers” Graham didn’t have his nose stuck up John McCain’s ass when he made his rebuttal.

    • Regular Right Guy
      September 29, 2013

      He’s been to American Crossroads, picked up his RINO button.

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