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Death on Long Island: Another Karma Malfunction

peace-bwMy grandmother used to say these things come in threes. Not workplace shootings; Barack Obama gun control speeches.

The MSM haven’t decided which way to lean on this yet: ‘Flash! Another Rampant Non-Muslim Act of Terror’ or ‘Shooting on Long Island! Other 49 States Still Haven’t Banned Firearms, Magazines and Ammo’. So, on a hunch, we’re going with ‘There Was Shooting on Long Island’.

Get the smelting pots ready; Barack will be saddling up for his Turn Your Firearms into Manhole Covers tour.  He’ll no doubt have a word or two to add on this one. Vice president Joe ‘Safe and Sane’ Biden has reportedly already surrendered his Mossberg.

Now I’ve gone and created fodder for Cokie Roberts, who is far more race-code sensitive than you and I. Who knew that just saying ‘Barack Obama’ without adding ‘walks on water’ was racist? Cokie being the daughter of a wealthy Jim Crow Era Southern Democrat, though, we probably should cede to her expertise in these matters.

It is unclear whether the Savenergy Inc. shooting will grow the legs to stay national; it is doubtful since there was not enough carnage to warrant Barack foregoing his tee time. But it would be unconscionable for some effete little lefty journalist not to wonder aloud how America can tolerate one more act of gun violence.

That same journalist will never be found questioning why people in New Jersey are allowed to own meat cleavers and scimitars, but there you go.

BTW: Savenergy? We probably own stock in the company. Still, very sad for the victims that the only people with concealed carry privileges in New York are criminals, cops and a few phony elitist liberals.

Of course, neither of these questions are in the least bit relevant because guns and meat cleavers have nothing to do with violence.

The struggle for liberals to reconcile this in a civilized society is bound up in the misconception that man is inherently good, when in fact we are as inherently evil as hell. We are born in sin, and as such need a Redeemer.

How discouraging it will be when Cokie Roberts learns that Barack Obama doesn’t qualify.

Violence is as natural to unredeemed man as hair growth. And unchecked violence in society is the result of clueless liberals’ failure to understand this single absolute precept.

The President’s obsession with banning firearms has nothing to do with ending violence; it is based on the Left’s ideological quest for unimpeded centralized power.

Emotionally bent feminists and wimpy metrosexual lemmings will never understand this, but their Democrat leaders sure as hell do. Evil understands evil.

Does Barack Obama really believe, in a society this violent, conservatives will ever be that dumb?

Pray for the families and keep your guns handy.


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    September 26, 2013

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    • Regular Right Guy
      September 26, 2013

      Thank you my friend.

      • rmnixondeceased
        September 26, 2013

        When you’re right, you’re right!

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    September 27, 2013

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