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More on Great Lesbian Sex…

Angela_Martin_Lesbian_Pedophile_Child_MolesterRRG was all set to unibomb the RINO sellouts in the Senate today, but I had to go with this one on ritualistic pagan love from Robert Stacy McCain.

The Other McCain:

FBI press release, Sept. 20:

Wallingford Woman Charged with Producing
 and Distributing Child Pornography

Deirdre M. Daly, Acting United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and Rhonda M. Glover, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, today announced that Angela D. Martin, also known as Angela Haussmann, 29, of Wallingford, was arrested yesterday and charged by federal criminal complaint with production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. The criminal complaint alleges that, in August 2013, Martin sexually abused a female child, filmed the abuse with her cell phone, and then e-mailed the video to another individual in California. The victim was approximately 3 years old at the time of the abuse… [read it all]

I know, this is blatant rightwing homophobia at its blatant rightwing homophobiest, but I thought I’d bring it up for discussion. We need a national dialogue on Robert Stacy McCain and, well, how astonishingly fast children are growing up these days.

If we could just lower the age of consent to, um, nothing, maybe Barack Obama.

Editor’s Note: Let me near this woman for 35 seconds and a hate crime is in my future. Read it all, buy the T-shirt and reblog!


The Other McCain (I read them because they’re right… and they blog smart stuff I’ve either forgotten or never knew about.)

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4 comments on “More on Great Lesbian Sex…

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  3. thatmrgguy
    September 29, 2013

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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