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Hot Arab Women Who Are Not Huma Abedin

huma-abedin-legsDo we not see a small step towards healing in American Islamic-Judeo-Christian relations here?

Hillary and Huma? Don’t know, not likely to get close enough to find out. As the title suggests, this post is not about Huma Abedin. And no politics in today’s Rule 5.


However RRG will say this: Either Ms. Abedin is the complete affirmation that moderate Muslims exist, or she is the best secret operative since Mata Hari.

Of course, these women are not all Arabs; some are Persian, so we extend our apologies in advance. And we cannot attest to nor do we care whether or not they are Muslims. Please, just no one tell me I have errantly posted an image of Eva Mendez. I would trample Ryan Gosling, you know?

Note: In keeping with Regular Right Guy’s strict code of decency, there is nothing on RRG your 12-year-old hasn’t seen in home room. Wait. That didn’t come out right. Or it is just your imagination, whatever.

ramona amiriLeft: Ramona Amiri. ‘Nuff said. I’ll shut up as soon as I can get my jaws to unlock. Yeah, I know. Death by stoning in nine countries, not counting Dearborn. And right is Claudia Lynx. Or the other way around, I forget. shaghayegh-claudia-lynx-041

Below: Bass fishing. That’s my story and I’m sticking etc…. Okay, this one is boarder-line almost not okay, but there is a point to be made.


The conservative message has tendencies to frame almost everything in either-or terms. But the  you-cannot-unring-the-bell argument kicks in here.

Bikini-clad women are not going away. Hint: Christian women, 60% of your men are surfing Internet porn. So maybe LTFU and get busy?

Below Right: Prominent front teeth with orthodontic appliance in place, or what?  Maybelline could sue for trademark infringement.


No plating of the hair, well, arguably maybe no hair, with—no question—absolutely gorgeous eyes. (Warning: Rule 5: Miss America’s Guns and Ink Manifesto on the permanence of tattooing.)  But in this case, RRG’s tolerance meter is registering high for Bassmasters.

Um, making this observation? It isn’t anything like drawing Mohammed, right?

Is this a great country, or what? —Yakov Smirnov.


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