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Kaitlyn Hunt-Media: ‘Is 12 the New 18?’

Kaitlyn Hunt 04Is this just media homotolerance run amok, or is George Stephanopoulos’ feather-cut coif a cry for help?

Perhaps the better question is when does media homotolerance become a hate crime against children?

That was probably uncalled for, but does anyone ever background these guys? We know the Clinton administration slow-walked background checks for virtually its whole staff for years. So probably not, huh?

How young is too young for consensual sex with an adult? Um, 55, if you are a good father.

One thing is for certain, you do not want ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Dan Abrams making the decision.

The Other McCain posted an article today that raises ugly suspicions about the MSM’s objectivity in the question of underage consent laws across the nation.

As what point does journalistic objectivity shade into the “who are we to judge” posture of moral relativism? Do journalists have an obligation to call evil by its right name? These questions crossed my mind as I watched an ABC Good Morning America segment about Kaitlyn Hunt, who copped a plea Thursday on felony charges involving her sexual affair with a 14-year-old girl.

The brief segment — a teaser of a longer 20/20 story that will air tonight — was balanced. It wasn’t a one-sided puff piece, the kind of gay victimhood celebration the mainstream media were doing back in May when this story first went national.

Our jug-eared hero Detective Jeremy Shepherd was interviewed, as was Jim Smith, the father of the underage victim in the case. But I was uneasy as the segment closed with George Stephanopoulos on the Good Morning America set with ABC’s legal expert, Dan Abrams, who said sex with a 14-year-old is a crime “as a technical legal matter.” [read it all]

Which is kind of what we’ve been saying about effete little media hacks all along. Same about judges who let pedophile gym teachers off with thirty days for child molestation while their victims take the suicide option.

We DVR’d the episode tonight, but haven’t played it yet. The limp-assed excuse for a headline is not encouraging, though.

The Kaitlyn Hunt case is exactly the kind of break-down-the-walls “unfairness” parade leftwing deviants love. They play on no-clue parents’ sympathies to breakdown the social fabric of the country and replace it with their own degenerate cultural mores. And the media, if not now, will eventually jump in and help them.

So far they have not succeeded, but every step will bring them closer, but  Americans have to be damned vocal about this one.

The truly scary thing is just how many parents will be ambivalently persuaded by the deceptive tactics or swayed with compassion for Hunt, who looks 15, thinking of their own children whom they have allowed to date across consent boundaries.

If parents intend to allow corrupt public school administrations to cause their children to (metaphorically) “pass through the fire” on the alter of Dagon, they might as well just sign them over, and pack razor blades and pills for them right now.

You should read the story, if you haven’t, and I suppose we should all watch 20/20 to find out just how hot these jerkoff Nazi feminists and metrosexual trollers are to jerk us off.

ABC should do research on Stephanopoulos’ and Abrams’ YMCA history.

Now that was not nice, was it?

File Under: The GLAAD Bag


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      • rmnixondeceased
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        Heh. We conserbatives, living and dead, must stick together!

      • Regular Right Guy
        October 5, 2013

        So right, #Dead Nixon! And while we’re at it lets dig up Teddy and try him for murder.

      • rmnixondeceased
        October 5, 2013

        Heh. He is unavailable for comment (unless inchoate wailing while your skin crisps and your fat smokes and spatters can be considered commentary).

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