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Karl Rove is Unclear on What Ted Cruz Will Do Next

karl-rove-thumbs-noseAren’t you glad that we have Karl Rove to tell us how things are supposed to work in Washington?


The Crossroads GPS founder said his colleagues in the Senate have accused [Ted Cruz] of keeping them in the dark and have relied on his media appearances to determine what his next move is.

“His fellow senators don’t know where he is coming from,” Rove said. “Sunday morning sitting in the green room waiting for ‘Fox News Sunday’ to begin, I get a call from a senator whom I don’t know too well who said to me ‘Do you know what he is going to say? Because I don’t. I’m a senator and I have no idea what his end game is. I’m going to be watching this in order to figure out what he thinks we should do next.’”

According to Rove, Cruz hasn’t participated in the Thursday morning meetings held by Senate Republicans to lay out his plans for the week, thus not convincing many of his colleagues to support his tactics.

“He should not be surprised — we should not be surprised if their response is ‘We are not going to be dictated to by somebody who doesn’t bother to tell us what he is going to do until after he has made up his mind,’” Rove said. [Read it all at Planet Tucker]

Yo- yo- you mean Ted Cruz doesn’t trust the Republican leadership? How did this rube ever get into Harvard and why didn’t the brainwashing work?

Who does this pseudo-Hispanic interloper think he is, Jimmy Stewart?

But oh wait. In 2012, the entire GOP campaigned on repealing Obamacare. The 2010 Republican landslide was fueled by it. No one said anything about WaPo poll numbers or letting it “collapse under its own weight” or doing it after the 2014 election.

You know, that legendary anti-gun and green energy Reaganite Peter King is right; Tea Party Republicans are the real RINOs. For 50 years establishment Republicans have been selling Americans out on everything from Medicare and the Great Society cluster-@#!*, to the EPA and green energy boondoggle.

Somehow after all that, decimating the establishment wing of the GOP right now doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

But slow me.

Attention Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Cut Karl Rove a check immediately. His DNC talking points are spot on.


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H/T Daily Caller

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