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#Rollout: Maybe You Should Sign Up For That Lifelock Account Now

obama-lipstick_5-620x408When you wake up next January and learn your MasterCard is on vacation in Buenos Aires, you’ll know who to blame.

Sharyl Attkisson:

(CBS News) WASHINGTON — The health care website went down again Monday for an hour and a half, and no one is sure why. It’s being taken offline on purpose every night from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. for repairs. Millions are still having trouble buying insurance on it, and it turns out that even when the website works, it may not be secure enough to protect privacy.

As was being developed, crucial tests to ensure the security and privacy of customer information fell behind schedule.

CBS News analysis found that the deadline for final security plans slipped three times from May 6 to July 16. Security assessments to be finished June 7 slid to August 16 and then August 23. The final, required top-to-bottom security tests never got done.

The House Oversight Committee released an Obama administration memo that shows four days before the launch, the government took an unusual step. It granted itself a waiver to launch the website with “a level of uncertainty … deemed as a high (security) risk.” [read]

Just wait until a few million millennials come out of their spring break hangovers next year, and realize Daddy’s credit card didn’t come to Ft. Lauderdale with them, and they have to work off their bills in the hotel laundries.

And as if this this weren’t already the Gong Show of government waste, fraud and abuse, the Obama administration just awarded CGI Federal Inc, the company that created the current ObamaCare marvel platform, FIVE NEW NO-BID CONTRACTS.

Just as 60 is the new 40 and “overpromise” is the new scumsucking lie, it looks like “Maybe they’ll Get It Right This Time” is the new YOU’RE FIRED.

BAR-RY BAR-RY BAR-RY! C’mon you guys! BAR

HT Memeorandum


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