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Dems Propose Bill to Make Obama Retroactively An Honest Man

Mary+Landrieu+Senate+Democrats+Hold+Weekly+QQ-yK9XMXzxlWell, since this president couldn’t tell the truth the truth if it were stuck to his teleprompter with Krazy Glue, this is certainly another way to go.


Democratic Sens. Landrieu and Manchin Push Plans to Offset Obamacare Flaws

Two Democratic senators from states that lean Republican are rallying support for proposals to delay penalties or let people keep existing health plans after flaws hobbled the federal online exchanges….

Manchin, who represents a state where four in 10 primary voters last year backed a convicted felon over President Barack Obama, will meet tomorrow with senators he’s trying to persuade to back a proposal to delay the penalty for individuals who fail to sign up by March 31….

“The product’s poor, and you’ve got to have the thing fixed,” Manchin said. Party leaders haven’t said whether the plan would get a vote, he said….

Wait a minute Joe “Background Check” Manchin. You promised your constituents you would repeal ObamaCare to get yourself elected in 2010. Now you’re telling them that the bill you weren’t supposed to vote for in the first place is a “poor product”? Um, er, they knew that when they elected you, sir. That is why they elected you.

Landrieu, who is seeking a fourth term in 2014 in a state Obama lost last year by 17 percentage points, yesterday introduced legislation requiring that individuals be allowed to keep their current health plans as long as they stay up-to-date on payments.

Republicans have seized on reports that hundreds of thousands of Americans got notices that their existing plans had been canceled because of the law, contradicting Obama’s pledge that people who liked their coverage could keep it.

“A promise was made, and this legislation will ensure that this promise is kept,” Landrieu said. “People should be able to keep their plans if they want to.” [Read the whole thing]

Let’s recap:

Yes, Mary “Gimme Mah Boxa Cocolates” Landrieu, this is embarrassing, isn’t it? Especially coming into an election year, when the last thing you need is for someone to point out that your president is a scumsucking liar, or that you sold your ObamaCare vote for $300 million taxpayer dollars. And YOU were the deciding vote.

So now these two want to retroactively make Barackus Hubris Obamus an honest man?

The people of West Virginia and Louisiana cannot be that dumb.

File Under: Barry’s Kids


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2 comments on “Dems Propose Bill to Make Obama Retroactively An Honest Man

  1. Chandler's Ghost
    November 7, 2013

    I like Mary Carey. Any d-list celebrity who plugs my blog should never have to go to Detroit.

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