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Yes, Mr. President, You Have Us on the Strawberries…

Sad-ObamaBy now you, too, must be guilt-ridden for sabotaging Barack ‘there-was-an-election-and-I-won’ Obama’s signature legislation.

Oh grow up! You did too. Because racist…

Hot Air:

That’s what Dana Milbank argues in his column today.  In his estimation, the GOP wants younger people to bail out of the ObamaCare system to encourage a “death spiral” for insurers by jacking up premiums and forcing the ACA to collapse under its own weight.  But Milbank has a serious chicken-egg misperception at the heart of his argument… [More about Dana’s Playhouse antics here]

Yeah, but he’s right about the GOP sabotage part.

Even the President is accusing Republicans of picking on him, and in your heart you must know he’s right.

Neil Munro, TheDC:

A downbeat President Barack Obama repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse of Obamacare….

“‘We have experienced discouragement and setbacks and naysayers every step of the way, but you know when you’re on the right side of something, then it gives you energy, it gives you motivation,” he said.

“All the people out there who need help, everybody out there who is working hard but just finding that the system kinda feels rigged against him… that’s got to motivate us,” he said. [Read the whole thing]

Is it just the RG, or does President Obama’s meltdown of the last couple of days remind anyone else of this guy?

They laughed and made fun of me… bu… bu… Sen. Ted Cruz, he could do no wrong…  Naturally,  if I’ve left anything out…

Um, I mean isn’t even the term ObamaCare pejorative?

The only thing more laughable than Barry of Feebs saying the ObamaCare rollout disaster is partially Republicans’ fault is the lengths to which the MSM is going out of its way to propagate the lie.

After nearly two years of lockouts, repeated refusals to negotiate even one jot or tittle of the Law According to Barry, the Democrats passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote.

Have Republicans ever done such a thing? Well, yes, they have actually.

It is called the Fourteenth Amendment, when they gave African Americans the right of citizenship. Not one Democrat voted for that.

I take it back, there is something more laughable than Barack saying Republicans share responsibility for this partisan cluster f@^#.

It is saying he didn’t know in advance that this trainwreck was coming.

Bu- bu- but you can have a better policy!

Excuse me. I’m busting a gut.

HT Hot Air, The DC, Texas Fred Blog [Image]


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14 comments on “Yes, Mr. President, You Have Us on the Strawberries…

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  3. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    November 20, 2013

    Thanks for the linkery!

  4. Pingback: Yes, Mr. President, You Have Us on the Strawberries… | Dead Citizen's Rights Society

    • Regular Right Guy
      November 20, 2013

      I don’t know, he was pretty much losing it in that tele conference the other day. I do not mean to imply, however, that he’s by any means finished. That’s conservative fantasy. Even the RINOs will step in to prevent that.

  5. Tallgrass Palms
    November 20, 2013

    At some point, Queeg realizes he has gone over the brink; obama is not there, yet, also, Queeg has steel balls, obama doesn’t.

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  7. Chandler's Ghost
    November 20, 2013

    Thanks for the link RG.

  8. gynjii
    November 21, 2013

    Word! I like the stark contrast drawn between the Fourteenth Amendment and the ObamaCare votes… ohhh, the things R’s and D’s fight for! I’d expect nothing less from the “party of the tolerant”…hah.

    • Regular Right Guy
      November 21, 2013

      Those racist Rs have quiet a history, huh. It was the same with the Fifteenth when we gave Af-Americans the right to vote. Not one Dem. Thank you, luv your blog. Best to Hubby and the little one.

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