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lassie-faceIn Hollywood, the land of liberal make believe, it turns out they may only pretend ‘No Animals Were Harmed During the Making of this Motion Picture’ as well.

The Hollywood Reporter:

F—ING KILLED KING IN THE WATER TANK,” American Humane Association monitor Gina Johnson confided in an email to a colleague on April 7, 2011, about the star tiger in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. While many scenes featuring “Richard Parker,” the Bengal tiger who shares a lifeboat with a boy lost at sea, were created using CGI technology, King, very much a real animal, was employed when the digital version wouldn’t suffice. “This one take with him just went really bad and he got lost trying to swim to the side,” Johnson wrote. “Damn near drowned.” …

A year later, during the filming of another blockbuster, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 27 animals reportedly perished, including sheep and goats that died from dehydration and exhaustion or from drowning in water-filled gullies, during a hiatus in filming at an unmonitored New Zealand farm where they were being housed and trained. … [Read the whole thing]

Aren’t these the same wackadoos that lambasted Sarah Palin for her “retrograde policies on animal welfare and conservation” when she responsibly culled off growing predatory populations to protect threatened caribou and moose herds in Alaska?

The AHA and PETA ended up 0-for-2 on that one; they refused to endorse GOP presidential candidate John McCain because of Palin, and then Obama committed fly homicide in front of 300 million people. No end to the risks when one endorses a candidate who routinely draws household pests.

The HR article also uncovers allegations that: the AHA “protected” film industry icon Steven Spielberg when the horse in his production of “War Horse” died from injuries sustained during the shoot; later covered for the makers of “Eight Below” when a dog on the set was nearly beaten to death by a trainer; and bombed fish and squid during the making of a “Pirate of the Caribbean” sequel.

All three films were given the No Animals Were Harmed endorsement.

To be fair, the otherwise nuttier than an Oprah diet animal rights activists did lash out last year over the Hobbit scandal, but no one took off their clothes and made a calendar, insofar as we can determine.

You could almost find a use for these numbskulls if they concentrated on liberal hypocrisy rather than attacking common sense wildlife conservation efforts.

Anyway, it’s this kind of stuff that can get animal crackers banned, folks.

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    November 25, 2013
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