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‘Groups of Young Adults’ Bring ‘Knockout Game’ to Yalies

520x420_alsharptonWith all the liberal talk we hear equating conservatism with racism, the true racists in our society are on the Left.

They are the ones who bend over backwards to ignore the obvious, and condescend to people groups they think are not bright enough to understand their own societal responsibilities.

Yale Daily News:

Yale students and New Haven residents are experiencing the arrival of a new crime pattern that has gained national attention in recent weeks — the “knockout game.”

The game refers to attacks on pedestrians by groups of young adults. The assaulters approach their victims on public streets, hit them and run away. After speaking to the New Haven Police Department, Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins notified the campus community about the violent new trend in an email on Nov. 21. There were seven reported cases of street violence in New Haven this November that could be linked to the “knockout game.” [Boola Boola]

I say, Buppy. Did you hear that bands of roving youths are playing that barbaric knockout game? Here? At Yale? Don’t they know we Yalies are on their side?”

Quick! Round up the usual suspects—Young Republicans.

Yeah, really. Not one mention was made in the entire article of knockout games being black-on-white crime. More appropriately known as “Polar bear Hunting.”

Even Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins, himself a black man, did not mention it in his email to the campus community. Ronnell perhaps born at night, but obviously not last night.

In fact, the only way we know the recent spate of violence near the campus is race related is because the chief suggests that it “could be linked to the ‘knockout game.'” Wink, wink. Who says lefties cannot be creative with their own racial code?

I’m not much one for silly liberal platitudes, and hate crimes were instituted on just such premises: that the world is full of white hatred for minorities. But the knockout games are racist in nature, black thuggery no less reprehensible than when the Ku Klux Klan carried out similar acts during the Jim Crow era.

And it is borne on the backs of racial charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their white enablers in the media.

It was scandalous this week when the media lauded Sharpton for speaking out against these crimes. Where were Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Where were the crowds? What, no rallies in Manhattan? Were the media even awake when Sharpton relentlessly persecuted, electronically lynched, George Zimmerman for weeks without a trial? But of course they were.

These are the same people who have stoked the fires of racial animus for decades. It stands to reason that they cannot come to terms with the violent generation their poisonous rhetoric has spawned.

There is room for a laugh here, though.

When the polar bears turn on their hunters? Now that is funny.

The great Mantan Moreland.

PS—Interesting aside re Mantan Moreland. Around 1955, when Hollywood became “racially aware,” they stopped hiring him. They thought his roles were demeaning to blacks. In other words, they fired him because he was African American. It wasn’t until the 1970s, and George Jefferson, that they decided African Americans could perform other roles. But Moreland died in 1968.

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    December 6, 2013
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