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Kanye West: It’s a Dangerous Job, Etc, Etc, Etc

GTY_kanye_west_jef_131212_16x9_992O-my.  Did we miss something?

It was Kanye West’s Beyoncé rant in 2009 that brought the hip-hop, um, artist to the attention of the larger American public (that is to say, north of 103rd Street and Manchester), and he has been putting the 1,000-yard stare in audience’s eyes ever since.

This time the rapper enlightens us all on the dangers down in the trenches of rhyming words that sometimes go together.

Yo, watch as the rapper and this adoring no-rhythm white guy disc jockey bond.


Yeah, like, out of my mind, back in five minutes, huh?

“It’s just… art”? “You know, the art of the troof, in an untrooful world”? Excuse me, I don’t have my pimp translator handy. Did he just say what I thought he said? That he puts his life in danger as a rapper, just like soldiers and police officers?

“I might slip on the stage”?

One of America’s first responders responds:

ABC News:

Brimfield police chief David Oliver calls West ignorant and “as misguided as they come,” saying “entertainers thinking they are something more than just entertainers” is “part of the problem in the world today.”

“I know it is supply and demand and the demand for your services is high,” Oliver wrote to West in an open letter posted Thursday morning on his department’s Facebook page. “I get economics. What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harm’s way… and my brother and sister police officers who have to go to work carrying weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect themselves.” [ABC]

I don’t know. Ebonics as a first language?

Yo, dawg? You wake up in the morning and slip your pants on, one leg at a time. That is where the similarity ends.

Open letter to Kim Kardashian:

Look on the bottom of their feet for the DO NOT MATE warning before you let them bonk you, hon.

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  1. The MAD Jewess
    December 13, 2013

    BOO Hoo!

  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    December 13, 2013
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