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Winston Wins Heisman, Character Takes A Hit

Jameis-Winston-wins-HeismanJameis Winston has won the Heisman Trophy. Which makes him the first accused rapist to win in… gawd, like forever.

Now, we don’t know whether or not Winston raped this unidentified young woman, but awarding him the Heisman yesterday had the palpable feeling of a crime. Because in the end it came down to stats.

Isn’t that the message our institutions are sending when they don’t hold athletes to high moral standards? It is no longer about what they know, son, but what they can prove. Stats.

Does Florida State even have a code of conduct? Well, yes, it does. Here is an excerpt:

As the university’s most visible ambassadors, student-athletes at Florida State are expected to uphold, at all times, high standards of integrity and behavior which will reflect well upon themselves, their families, coaches, teammates, the Department of Athletics and Florida State University.

Unless you are a star passer with 67.9 percent completions, 3,820 yards and 38 touchdowns—then it becomes more about keeping that arm in shape than FSU’s high moral standards.

It is difficult to believe there is not a racial as well as an athletic component to this. It wasn’t all that long ago that four young white men at Duke University were prosecuted for a similar act, based on nothing more than the word of a black stripper. You couldn’t find a reporter to defend them until it became obvious that she was lying, and that the crooked Democrat D.A. knew it all along.

Winston’s case may have been the reverse of Duke; the school, media and possibly even law enforcement closed in around the kid like summer on Fresno. His alibi was almost in place before the alleged crime occurred.

Jameis not only admitted to having sex with the young woman but declared that said sex was consensual, and that he had two witnesses who watched the whole thing to prove it. Wow, how fortunate is that? He not only got laid, but he had a cheering section to rate his performance.

Ah, yes, we remember it well. The day O.J. Simpson became a black man. It was about 10 minutes after everyone in the country but the liberal media and an overly race-sensitive black community knew he had just slaughtered two people.

Suddenly O.J. was black. He hadn’t lived as a black man since high school; his home was in a white neighborhood, he didn’t contribute to black charities and hadn’t even dated a black woman since dumping his first wife, but suddenly the brother was black. That was the year America learned about the highly esteemed legal concept of juror nullification. Or, as one woman said at the time, “What do I care if he killed that white b*tch?”

King’s X, O.J.

So what are we saying here? That a whole lot of people had a whole lot of reasons for Jameis Winston not to be guilty of this charge? Yes, that—the whole thing stinks to high heaven—but something far more important.

Whether Winston is guilty of rape or not his conduct was immoral. If we are to believe his story, he had what amounted to public sex with a young woman, and in doing so he reflected poorly on himself, his family, coaches, teammates,  the Department of Athletics and Florida State University.

But apparently by Heisman Trust standards it was an award-winning performance.


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    December 15, 2013
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