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Happy Monday: Barack’s Back From Africa Edition

South_Africa_Mandela_Memor_t607Happy Monday everybody.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Obama was pretty much in hiding after returning from South Africa, where he turned the Nelson Mandela memorial into “A NIGHT WITH BARRY AND MOOCH” with special guest stars Helle Thorning-Schmidt and David Cameron.

Saturday Night Live did a spoof about the president’s, er, performance with the sign language psycho and the selfie, but the guy who played Obama wasn’t very funny, I didn’t think. The best laugh-line was when he said “Tonight I’d like to talk to you about the exciting progress we’re making on our website” in the very beginning. Just that; no punch line. (giggle, giggle). That was funny.

Actually, the real Barry is much funnier nowadays. Who took this guy’s tests at Harvard law, is what I want to know?

So, are we clear on that?

Let see, what else? Oh, yes, the Colorado high school shooter turned out to be an administration disappointment. The body count wasn’t high enough, I guess. Liberals keep hoping a Republican will go berserk and slaughter, like, 50 people, but it always turns out to be one of these anarchist dweebs who have way too much alone time on FaceBook.

There’s your Nietzsche for you.

This one secretly hated everybody from communists to Republicans and was “really smart.” One kid said shooter Karl Pierson was “weird” but not “bad weird” and was “definitely kind” to him. Hey, Ted Bundy worked in a rape crisis center. Who are we to say he wasn’t a great guy, most of the time?

It is interesting that the shooter didn’t go with the 15-round-clip handgun or so-called assault rifles Colorado is trying to outlaw. He bought a Joe Biden Special made for the express purpose to shoot through walls and warn intruders. Proving once again that liberals don’t know sh*t from shinola about public safety.

Anyway, it turned out an armed guard saved students’ lives in the school, in what could’ve been a much worse situation. If “educators” had had their way they would’ve probably hired Life Alert to protect the school. Help, he’s pumping rounds into me, and I can’t get up!

In other breaking news, John Boehner is still dumber than a box of rocks.

That outburst promptly drew praise from Harry Reid.

Yeah, John, that’ll look good on the old résumé. Maybe you can get a job promoting ObamaCare when your district finally gets smart and dumps your sloppy drunk a$$ for a real Republican.

Well, that’s it for Happy Monday, everybody.

Hope you all have a great week!


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3 comments on “Happy Monday: Barack’s Back From Africa Edition

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    December 17, 2013
  2. gynjii
    December 17, 2013

    “A Joe Biden Special”, haha. Have you seen that YouTube video of Biden blathering on about buying a shotgun, with videos of girls getting owned by them? Wait, let me just find the link and post, hold on…..

    I shoot regularly with my hubby and I HATE shotguns. I shall now henceforth refer to them as Joe Biden Specials. 😉

  3. Regular Right Guy
    December 17, 2013

    Yeah, like, we finally know where all the family pets went in Joe’s neighborhood, huh? Wait. Where is Mrs….?

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