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Obama’s ‘Heat Wave’: Why Won’t the Weather Cooperate?

Ice BeardFor all you people who live in California, Fond du Lac is not a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor. It’s a city in Wisconsin and it’s cold there. In fact it is so cold across the Midwest and eastern seaboard that the average national low is 14.8°F and may get lower.

Which is in complete violation of Barack H. Obama’s orders to the contrary.

CNS News:

“Excessively high temperatures” are “already” harming public health nationwide, Pres. Obama declared on Nov. 1, 2013, two months before today’s assault by record low temperatures.

In his executive order on climate change, Obama warned that too much rain – and not enough rain – also dictated that executive action against climate fluctuations:

“The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise — are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies, and public health across the Nation. These impacts are often most significant for communities that already face economic or health-related challenges, and for species and habitats that are already facing other pressures.”

What’s more, climate control “requires” action “by the Federal Government” (as opposed to the federal government), Obama declared:

“Managing these risks requires deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning by the Federal Government

And the weather. The weather must cooperate. Because when Barack H. Obama pronounces an edict, things cooperate… Dammit.

So no excuses, where is Barry’s heat wave?

And do not make another climate-scientists-trapped-at-the-South Pole joke.

Do not go there.


This is not funny.

HT: Drudge


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12 comments on “Obama’s ‘Heat Wave’: Why Won’t the Weather Cooperate?

  1. Chandler's Ghost
    January 6, 2014

    [Waves hand] It was never called Global Warming. It has always been called Climate Change.

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  4. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    January 6, 2014
  5. thatmrgguy
    January 6, 2014

    I can tell you from the upstate of South Carolina, we sure could use some “global warming” right now. Supposed to be in the single digits(less than 8 degrees) the next two nights and highs during the day to maybe reach 30 degrees.

  6. gynjii
    January 7, 2014

    You know what’s hilarious?? All of my liberal friends are disowning their association with Obama. Every excuse can be summed up with, “I voted for change, and that didn’t happen!” My FAVORITE question of the year is, “What changes, exactly?” It amazing how no one knows the answer to that question….

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