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A Governor in New Jersey Should Go to Jail

BdnqOtHIgAA2mL_And his name is Jon Corzine.

Okay, now you’ve done it, New York media. You’ve put Regular Right Guy in the position of having to defend Chris Christie, and I am royally PO’d.

When former New Jersey governor and senator Jon Corzine fiddled away $600 million from his Wall Street investors the MSM treated it like it was a speed bump. Even the RINOs in the Senate were backslapping and revering this crook.

Barack Obama has broken at least a half dozen federal laws just since he’s started his second term, and the media shills don’t notice. He’s is directly or indirectly responsible for the Benghazi cover up, IRS targeting and cover up, NAS data mining, seizing AP phone records, and keep going. Not to mention 92 million people have dropped out of the workforce.

And this is what the MSM leads with?

USA Today via Drudge:

For four days, the traffic jam now threatening the political future of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, wreaked havoc on the lives of Fort Lee residents, whose suffering has become the face of a still unfolding story.

As questions swirl around whether Christie will run for president in 2016, people continue to cringe about the September lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. E-mails indicate several Christie supporters including Bridget Anne Kelly, his now fired deputy chief of staff, and David Wildstein, a Christie appointee at the Port Authority of New York, schemed to close the lanes to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich. The result: stopped cars snaked through the small borough, slowing emergency service units, delaying school buses and making even blocks-long errand runs a source of prolonged frustration.

“I feel violated,” said Leon Keylin, a Fort Lee resident who lives about half a mile from the bridge. “They were playing a game and they thought they were going to inconvenience people. I don’t think they really thought of the human impact.”

You feel violated? Oh please. Take a f***ing pill.

Okay, personally, given half a chance I would give Christie life for impersonating a Republican. But let me get this straight.

Barry the Hustler sends tens of thousands of young men and women into harms way in Afghanistan for his personal political gain, and you pimps in the media want Christie drummed out of the human race for Felony Traffic Jam?

HT Drudge [Image]


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