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At Last, Freedom From #Joblock

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants, Game 1Why didn’t they think of this sooner? For more than two centuries millions of Americans have been enslaved in the harnesses of “job lock” with no insurance at all, much less insurance portability. When the answer was right in front of our noses.


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes ‘job lock’. For the preceding five years rational adults have been subjected to notions so outrageous that they know no reasonable person will believe them, because as Thomas Sowell described them, they are merely fact free liberal rhetoric.

The infantile economic spin that Obamacare eliminating 2.5 million jobs is a good thing is the latest. After selling the American people on the idea you could add forty million uninsured people into the health care system, mandate every conceivable malady that offends a liberal to be covered, provide free contraception to all the Sandra Flukes of America, dictate inclusion of everyone with pre-existing conditions would result in health care Utopia.

Nancy Pelosi sold it as a jobs bill that would add four million jobs. President Obama sold it as nothing to see here because nothing changes for you except that your premiums would go down about $2,500 a year. After all, if you liked your health insurance, if you liked your doctor, you could keep them, period.

Of course they were lying, but got away with it. How? The media filled with deluded progressives had lock jaw. They didn’t investigate, they did what they have done for the entire Obama administration, they regurgitate the talking points as truth. [Read the whole thing]

Now that is completely unfair. What, you guys don’t get this? Fewer jobs means less work! With cradle-to-grave everything!

Job lock killed my grandfather at the tender age of 87 without ever realizing he could have been living, well… the life less ordinary.

And adding to the cultural betterment of society like this guy.


Barack Obama, you are a man for the ages! What would America have done without you? All these years wasting our time trying to be a nation where people from all over the world could come seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When all we had to do was be Kenya.


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2 comments on “At Last, Freedom From #Joblock

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    February 10, 2014

    Thanks for your linkery to my final posts …

  2. gynjii
    February 11, 2014

    Liberals WISH we were all just one big unemployed nation, singing kumbaya around the Occupy-random-park bonfire with Daddy Government giving us just enough allowance money to buy weed, organic tofu and communist shirts to stick it to the man…

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