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1387595712_infphoto_1556211_anderson-cooper-kathy-griffin-zoomWith the demise of Piers Morgan’s clunker, CNN is thinking about teaming up Anderson Cooper with Kathie Griffin.

Deadline via Drudge:


Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin may make their popular New Year’s Eve specials a regular thing. I hear the duo filmed a pilot today at the CNN studios in the Time Warner Center in New York. Details about the hourlong project are sketchy, but I’ve learned that it had a lot of humor in it and filmed in front of a live audience — which I hear included new CNN topper Jeff Zucker. While it is unclear whether the project is definitely for CNN, Zucker has been looking to shake things up at the ratings-challenged cable news network by adding more mainstream entertainment fare. The annual New Year’s Eve pairing of Cooper and Griffin draws solid ratings and generates a lot of headlines with racy moments like Griffin getting up close and personal with Cooper’s private parts this year. It is also unclear how the new project would fit in with Griffin’s weekly talk show on Bravo, where the comedian has been a fixture for almost a decade and has won two best reality program Emmys for her series My Life On The D-List.

At last, the answer to the question: ‘Who does Kathie Griffin have to ß!@# to get a job on a network someone actually watches?’ Okay, a network someone used to watch but that has hopes someone will one day watch again.

No, really, I think it’s a good idea. Let’s face it. Before Griffin’s pairing with Cooper on this year’s CNN New Years special, some of us were wondering just what her talent was. Now we know.

And this will make Cooper look like he’s doing something over there at CNN besides loafing around for the trust fund to kick in.


Dead Nixon

Attn: Our friend Dead Nixon (RM Nixon(Deceased) is still offering his blog registrations for free to a good conservative who will take over his work. Someone please step up; the spirit of Dead Nixon should not go silent.

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6 comments on “@KathieGriffin 360?

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    February 24, 2014

    Thanks again my friend for keeping my search for a “new Dead Dicky Nixon”! I hope you are doing well …

    • Regular Right Guy
      February 24, 2014

      And thank you for your courage, sir.

      • Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
        February 24, 2014

        Hardly courage! I regularly whimper like a baby …

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  3. gynjii
    February 25, 2014

    I do not like that harpy. And my sister is obsesses. Her VOICE, I mean come ON…

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