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If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Krasnoperekopsk

putin-obamaThe headline at Drudge this morning:


Well of course he did.

You just know what Barry had to be saying when he woke up, right?

Yawn. Stretch. … Think I’ll get in a round in Ft. Lauderdale before lunch.

Fire up the jet.


For much of his time in office, President Obama has been accused by a mix of conservative hawks and liberal interventionists of overseeing a dangerous retreat from the world at a time when American influence is needed most.

The once-hopeful Arab Spring has staggered into civil war and military coup. China is stepping up territorial claims in the waters off East Asia. Longtime allies in Europe and in the Persian Gulf are worried by the inconsistency of a president who came to office promising the end of the United States’ post-Sept. 11 wars.

Now Ukraine has emerged as a test of Obama’s argument that, far from weakening American power, he has enhanced it through smarter diplomacy, stronger alliances and a realism untainted by the ideology that guided his predecessor.

It will be a hard argument for him to make, analysts say. [more]

Oh nonsense. This is no biggy. Where is… Will someone get my reset button! … Where is that moron Hagel?

Really, just stay calm everybody.

I mean, I went to bed on 9-11-12 when everybody else panicked over Benghazi, and that worked out okay, didn’t it?

HT/Drudge and Suzanne Pleshette


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4 comments on “If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Krasnoperekopsk

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  2. gynjii
    March 3, 2014

    Is it time for a new president yet??

  3. Pingback: FMJRA 2.0: Sweeping Up After CPAC Edition : The Other McCain

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