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Spicoli II: Still Lobster on US

Lobster-eating-welfare-recipient-refuses-job-offerIf you were expecting an “I know that dude!” last night on Hannity, when the host interviewed Sean Penn knockoff entitlement brat Jason Greenslate, you were no doubt disappointed.

No job-lock in Jason’s world; he is living Nancy Pelosi’s American dream.

We picked up the story from The Blaze:

A California food stamp recipient who admitted that he spends all his time surfing and hanging out with friends on Thursday refused an offer of help to find a job.

Jason Greenslate, 29, gained notoriety last August when he was captured on camera using food stamps to buy lobster.

Greenslate went on Fox News Thursday and said he hasn’t worked in a year because he believes practicing with his band is his real job.

Fox host Sean Hannity noted that Greenslate’s lifestyle, which also includes a Cadillac Escalade and strip clubs, is all done on someone else’s dime.

Hannity asked the surfer where he thinks the money comes from to pay for his food stamps and health care.

“Government; taxes; us; the people,” Greenslate said.

“Not you, because you’re not paying taxes,” the host responded.

Hannity noted that Californians are taxed at an enormous rate, nearly 60 cents of every dollar going toward the government, adding that Greenslate doesn’t seem to be very grateful for his subsidized lifestyle.

“You’re taking their money and you just don’t seem to care,” he said.

“Who says I don’t care?” Greenslate asked, saying he was “thankful.”

“I want to thank the United States of America, and the situation — the way things are set up,” Greenslate said, adding that he’ll pay back the taxpayers when his band makes the big time.

Hannity went for broke: “If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?”

Greenslate paused for a moment to think about it: “No.” [The Blaze]

Guess that settles the whole, Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? argument.

Who knows, Jason and his band, Rat Life, might make it. Then he and his friends will all be able to pile into the Escalade and jam on over to Staples Center and rock out to some solidly menacing tunes.

Yeah, it probably isn’t going to happen but, like, get back to Jason on his 39th birthday. Meantime, who’s sweating it? Jason’s just rolling with “the United States of America, and the situation,” dude.

Lobster anyone? You’re paying for it.

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13 comments on “Spicoli II: Still Lobster on US

  1. The MAD Jewess
    March 14, 2014

    This dude is a LOSER!!!

    TY for linking me and my Ukrainian upset.
    Many conservatives hate me b/c I admire Putin

    • Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
      March 14, 2014

      This dude and his dudette still love you!

      • Regular Right Guy
        March 14, 2014

        And ditto my bud.

      • The MAD Jewess
        March 15, 2014


    • Regular Right Guy
      March 14, 2014
    • Regular Right Guy
      March 14, 2014

      Well, I’m no lover of Putin, but he’s doing a tremendous job of demonstrating what a HUGE mistake the American people made in 2008 and ’12. I do of course love MJW, though. 😉

      • The MAD Jewess
        March 15, 2014

        Oh, Im lost 😀 Im crazy in luv with Putin 😀

  2. thatmrgguy
    March 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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  4. defythenarrative
    March 16, 2014

    People like him make me sick but what’s far worse is that we have a system and a society that allows it.

    I remember when govenmnet programs were something people only relied on temporarily and when they werw all out of options. Now, mooching off of taxpayers is a legitimate lifestyle choice.

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