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Base Jumpers Arrested

2BaseJumpEPA_428x269_to_468x312Four men have been arrested in an investigation stemming from a three-man base jump from 1 World Trade Center last September.

Fox News:

Three people accused of parachuting off the top of 1 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan this past September turned themselves in Monday along with an earthbound accomplice to face charges, including felony burglary, misdemeanor reckless endangerment, misdemeanor jumping from a structure

The case is the second in two weeks arising from surreptitious stunts from the structure. A teenage boy was arrested on March 16 after authorities said he slipped through a gap in a fence, eluded an inattentive security guard and spent about two hours atop the 1,776-foot-tall tower.

In other words, doing things guys do.

Base-jumping is frowned upon in NYC, as are most other non-metrosexual activities like smoking in bars, holding doors open for women and using salt on one’s food.

No further infractions were included when booking the offenders on felony charges, but the investigation is continuing because of allegations that one of them may have said, “Thank God” when they landed, and actually meant it.

The NYPD said last fall that investigators were looking for two parachutists in dark jumpsuits seen floating near the building around 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, landing by the nearby Goldman Sachs skyscraper and walking away.

Apparently authorities didn’t arrive in time to solicit a bribe for not reporting the incident?

Okay, that’s silly.

But is it really any sillier than charging these guys with felonies for what should be, at best, misdemeanors because some deadbeat civil servant guard was sleeping on the job?

Suggested Rule of Thumb: If they yell Allahu Akbar and explode an IED, then it is probably a felony.


If you don’t want people base-jumping off your buildings, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. aka Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm aka Billy De Blasio aka Bill De Blasio:


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