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Vote Stoned, Vote Democrat

1288658778403pelosidnWould it be an exaggeration to say one would have to be stoned to vote Democrat in 2014 and beyond, after the disastrous mess they’ve made over the last five years?

Well, that’s exactly what the Democrats have in mind.

Peter Weber, The Week:

Things are not looking too good for Democrats in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections, and a new George Washington University Battleground poll is, on the surface, more bad news. The respondents were roughly evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but 64 percent of GOP voters said they are “extremely likely” to vote in November, versus 57 percent of Democrats. President Obama’s 44 percent approval rating won’t help the Democrats, and a daunting 73 percent said their personal economic situation has stayed the same or gotten worse over the past four years.

But there is one silver lining for Democrats: Marijuana. While 82 percent of respondents disapprove of Congress — with both parties “universally despised,” according to Democratic pollster Celinda Lake — 73 percent support medical marijuana in their states, 53 percent back decriminalizing pot, and most importantly, 68 percent said they are more likely to go to the polls if marijuana is on the ballot. Voters in both parties are in favor of looser marijuana laws, but the highest levels of motivation are among younger, single people — a group that skews Democratic.

“We are very excited about the marijuana numbers in this poll, not only for personal consumption to get through this election, but [also] in terms of turnout,” says Lake.

This is something that has been working in California for decades.

Every two years, since 1987, the Jerry Garcia fans come down from their pot farms in the hills in droves and vote Nancy Pelosi back into office.

And anyone can see how that’s worked out.

We’ve only legalized medical marijuana in the state but with the right doctor almost anybody can buy choice bud. But Jerry Brown is back as governor, and before long California will be as green as Ed Begley, Jr.’s recycled Speedos.

The rest of you guys need to do this.

Vote Green.

Vote Democrat.

Your state will still be in the toilet, but you won’t care.

So, progress.

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