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When Stephen Colbert Was Funny

Stephen Colbert CatholicUm, you thought I was going to point to a time or particular event when Stephen Colbert was funny? Sorry. The headline should have read, When Was Stephen Colbert Funny?

And now he gets to be a racist right along with Raffi Williams and the rest of us.

Suey Park and Eunsong Kim, Time Magazine:

After observing the progress of the hash tag we started yesterday, #CancelColbert — which we set up in response to a blatantly racist Tweet about Asians from the Colbert show’s account — we’ve seen some new variations: “Get Over It,” “Deport Suey,” “You’re Anti American,” and even a petition to have Suey Park’s First Amendment rights revoked. This last one is particularly ironic, as Suey and other tweeters to #CancelColbert had simply dared to challenge the First Amendment rights of a white male comedian. It seems “freedom of speech” has the assumed caveat “freedom of speech — for white men.” [more white xenophobia here]

Since Park and Kim did a remarkable job of burying not only the lead but the entire background story, perhaps the RG should take a moment to set it up.

Yahoo News:

Washington (AFP) – Social media erupted in outrage and counter-attacks Friday after US comedian Stephen Colbert used language that mocked Asian Americans in what was intended as an anti-racist jibe.

Colbert, who is liberal but parodies a blustery conservative on his late night talk show, took aim at the Washington Redskins football team whose name is considered offensive by many Native Americans.

Colbert mocked team owner Dan Snyder who has announced a fund to support Native Americans while rejecting calls to change the name.

On Twitter and on his “Colbert Report” show on the Comedy Central network, Colbert said: “I am willing to show the Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” [more]

So Stephen Colbert was insensitive.

And not funny.

Excuse me for not thinking this is news but Stephen Colbert hasn’t gotten a legitimate laugh since he farted at the kitchen table in third grade. Now John Boehner, that’s funny!

So next topic.

But in defense of Mr. Colbert, who isn’t funny, just because he isn’t, I would like to say that free speech isn’t a zone. I know liberals at UC Santa Barbara think it is, but it isn’t.

Stephen Colbert has the right to be unfunny at your expense and my expense and even make a fool of himself in public —as he routinely does—without being subjected to a witch hunt by liberal designated victim groups who are trying to get him fired and have his Twitter account obliterated from the earth.

Where was this outraged from liberal groups when David Letterman went on a weeks-long serial stalking of Gov. Sarah Palin and her Native-American children on late night network TV? Where was it it when an NAACP president called So. Carolina Sen. Tim Scott a “ventriloquist’s dummy?”

Nope, not under the rug; checked there.

But, don’t worry, we didn’t expect any.

Stephen Colbert’s greatest transgression, beyond inflicting himself on his dope-smoking minions night after night, was missing the page in the lefty PC handbook that says Asian liberals have no since of humor, except when it comes to stereotyping white people as racists.

Then big laugh.

So unfriend or unfollow him as you will, speech fascists, Stephen Colbert can be as unfunny as he wants, wherever and whenever he wants and I, for one, will not laugh at him as hard as I ever haven’t.

Did I tell you the one about the Mexican and Chinese guys in the lowered Chevy?


Reblogged by our bud @ Mr. G Guy! Thanks Mike!!!


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4 comments on “When Stephen Colbert Was Funny

  1. Chandler's Ghost
    March 29, 2014

    Either Colbert is a brainwashed PC ninny or the culture is completely toxic. This Suey Park character is a freaking Twitter activist. The proper response from Colbert would have been “F- you.” If liberals actually punched back when this kind of overwhelming stupidity comes from the hard left it would do more than any conservative mockery.

    Not that we should stop with the mockery.

  2. thatmrgguy
    March 29, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    That dude is even less funny than ol’ what’s his name…oh hell…John Stupid, err Stewart.

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