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Weiner Relaunch

thWell, Anthony Weiner launched another one. Oh, you thought I meant… No, no, no, heaven forefend, no! He has just launched another career.

This time he’s giving journalism a shot. The inevitable last outpost for philanderers, perverts and felons who’ve left public office in disgrace.

And he’s off to a bipartisan start.

Business Insider:

You might be surprised to see me launch this column by defending a conservative like Gov. Chris Christie, but when it comes to his administration’s beef with Tesla Motors, I think he might be getting a bad rap.

No, Anthony, nothing much would surprise us at this point. But, please, continue.

There’s no question Tesla is innovative. Their luxury electric cars and the hardware they sell to other companies are changing the way we drive, but they don’t want to stop there. Tesla also wants to revamp the way cars are sold in this country by selling directly to consumers rather than through dealers. This has led to battles in several states where existing regulations require giving franchise dealerships a piece of the action.

New Jersey is the most recent front in the Tesla tussle. Even though there’s not much chance of me swapping out my ’05 Ford Escape hybrid for one of the company’s Model X cars anytime soon, I’ve been watching the fight closely. Tesla blamed the ban on direct sales that was passed in Jersey this month on a “backroom” deal between Christie’s administration and the auto lobby. Coverage of this fight in the tech press seems to have toed the Tesla line that these regulations are a roadblock to innovation designed to protect entrenched interests and reward the car dealers’ lobby for the cash they’ve thrown around over the years. I think that’s missing the point and I’ve been surprised that anyone is all that shocked by the opposition Tesla’s seen to their plans.

No doubt Governor Christie appreciates you bringing this up, Anthony.

Now let me stipulate to the fact that, during my time in Congress, like many other politicians, I received donations from car dealers.

In the interest of full, um… disclosure.

I should also note you could fill a book with what I don’t know about New Jersey and I certainly don’t know who promised what to whom in this case. Of course, I’ve also got plenty of problems with Christie and his policies. Still, I think the simplistic shouts of “let the market decide!” that we’re hearing from Tesla and their supporters minimizes the legitimacy of the regulations that have been passed over the years. [More adventures with Anthony here]

You don’t really care about what Anthony Weiner has to say about Tesla or New Jersey, do you? Thought so. And it’s not as if Chris Christie needs any more “help” from Democrats.

Now, I’m not one to keep one’s foot on one’s neck when one is down, but honestly, I don’t know how we get by this. I’ve spent, what, eight to 10 months forgetting about this guy? I avoid the BVD rack at Walmart. Totally switched to boxers.

There may be a creepier person on the planet than Anthony Weiner—maybe Cindy Crawford’s melon doctor and of course Richard Branson—but I’m at a loss to think of an American who even comes close.

Unsolicited Advice to Anthony Weiner: Gary Condit opened an ice cream store. Okay, no, that might not…

Just. forget. I. said. that.

UPDATE: Already the whole Huma-Hillary lesbian thing has come up in an email. The RG says probably not, but could you blame either of them?

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2 comments on “Weiner Relaunch

  1. thatmrgguy
    April 2, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. gynjii
    April 2, 2014

    This guys face, omg. He just needs to go away..

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