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SCOTUS: Koch Bros Money Spends Just Like SEIU Money

John G Roberts JrAs a libertarian this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but apparently there is a consensus out there that some people are too rich and can, therefore, unfairly affect elections.

Sheldon Adelson will probably be surprised.

Washington Times via Drudge:

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that wealthy donors shouldn’t be limited in how many candidates they can contribute to during an election, though the justices did leave in place the maximum donation that can be made to a single candidate.

The ruling is certain to reignite a debate over the role of money in politics and it enraged Democrats, who argue that conservatives are dismantling the campaign finance system one ruling at a time.

The decision was read by Chief Justice John Roberts asswipe in the 5-4 ruling.

“Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so too does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects,” the chief justice wrote. “If the First Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests, and Nazi parades — despite the profound offense such spectacles cause — it surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition.”

Well at least he got something right, although after full implementation of ObamaCare not many people are going to have a pot to p*ss in, much less money to give to their favorite candidate.

The Court, however, did not strike down the individual amount donors can contribute to candidates. Which seems a little ridiculous.

Since campaign finance laws were largely the idea of a few stupid Republicans, who for decades have messaged by carrier pigeon, it would seem that the Court’s ruling undermines their ability to field losing candidates election after election. But they’ll probably work something out.

BTW: Which Constitutional amendment addresses campaign financing? Or federal matching funds? And how did we get through 200 years without John McCain and Teddy Kennedy to fix this anomaly?

Let’s see: Harry S. Truman was put into the U.S. Senate by Kansas City mobster Boss Prendergast; John F. Kennedy won by payoffs and Chicago ballot box stuffers; Lyndon Johnson was elected, in part, by William F. Buckley’s dead grandfather.

How does denying anyone the right to contribute as much as they want to the candidates of their choice help Republicans overcome electioneering like this? Wait. Why don’t we just have the fed finance the candidates of its choice and cutout us middlemen altogether? Show of hands? RINO? Democrats?

I can’t get John McCain to return my calls.

Here’s an idea: Maybe if we just get voters involved, require everyone to have valid IDs at the ballot box and forget about how much money candidates have or don’t have, we might get fairer elections.

That is, if we can keep the Black Panthers at home.

And Eric Holder.

Reblogged @That Mr. G Guy. Thanks Mike!


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