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Uh-O, Fracking’s Cracking Oklahoma

200_sean_lennon_yoko_ono_465303755If we’d only listened, huh? A few more hysterical seismologists are out there building solid science around their environmental theories again this week. This time they have chosen…

Ooooooooklahoma where the wind comes…

And so forth

Yahoo News:

(Reuters) – Earthquakes rattled residents in Oklahoma on Saturday, the latest in a series that have put the state on track for record quake activity this year, which some seismologists say may be tied to oil and gas exploration.

One earthquake recorded at 3.8 magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey rocked houses in several communities around central Oklahoma at 7:42 a.m. local time. Another about two hours earlier in the same part of the state, north of Oklahoma City, was recorded at 2.9 magnitude, USGS said. …

Most earthquakes occur naturally. But scientists have long linked some small earthquakes to oil and gas work underground, which can alter pressure points and cause shifts in the earth.

Um, no they haven’t.

You have to wonder. Is the USGS anything like the FBI? A posting in Los Angeles is primo duty; Ardmore, not so much.

Anyway, leave it to Reuters to lead with the least likely of all possibilities. Let’s face it, a fracking disaster would make great headlines and might even sell a few otherwise-on-life support newspapers. It could even save Yahoo!

But here is the more likely case:

Cliff Frohlich, WVU geologist in a presentation to the National Academy of Science recently said:

Human activity associated with oil and gas production can sometimes cause earthquakes, but the problem is not hydraulic fracturing, a seismologist from the University of Texas told researchers gathered for a two-day conference on Marcellus shale-gas drilling. …

“Hydraulic fracturing almost never causes true* earthquakes,” he told the group gathered for the National Research Council workshop. “It is the disposal of fluids that is a concern.”

Texas has 10,000 injection wells, Frohlich said, and some have been in use since the 1930s. That effectively makes the state a giant research lab for the shale-gas drilling issues now facing Appalachian states including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

If injection wells were “hugely dangerous,” he said, “we would know.”

“Texas would be famous as a state that just rocks with major earthquakes,” Frohlich said. “That is not true.” [More]

In fact, only recently, since we introduced nitrous oxide huffing to the science curricula at major universities, has anyone anywhere linked true* earthquake activity to fracking. So, lock up the gasses at Cal Tech. Problem solved.

The truth is, injection into a fault may cause tremors. It has happened. And it may have happened in Ooooooooklahoma this week. But another very viable scenario is that the Midwest hasn’t had a major event since the Mississippi Valley New Madrid Quakes of 1811-12.

What, you guys think nature unleashes a 200-year-quake and forgets to follow up?

The Midwest does have major faults, just like California and Alaska. The earth is full of fissures and there will be earthquakes, just as sure as Al Gore is burning up Rhode Island’s carbon footprint allocation at a rate of twice every month and a half.

Deal with it.

Oh. And there also is no truth to the rumor that earthquakes happen more often in California because Jerry Garcia OD’d and Timothy Leary is no longer around to keep the harmonic convergence harmonic, either.

Just so you know.

Here is your choice America: You can buy a pair of Speedos and run out and get yourself a spiffy new Ed Begley Jr. solar-powered bike while Saudi Arabia finances more terrorists with U.S. oil dollars, or you can frack the $#!+ out of Sean Lennon’s mother. Your choice. Choose wisely.

* Our emphasis

UPDATE: It seems we’ve been fracked by Sean Ono Lennon and the Plastic Infracables. The YouTube Link disabled BY REQUEST, but you can still go to YouTube to watch the rich talentless Number 2 son of a musical genius embarrass himself with his equally untalented mother.

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6 comments on “Uh-O, Fracking’s Cracking Oklahoma

  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    April 6, 2014

    Who in their right mind would want to Frack Yoko? She’s nobbut a wrinkled-up old screecher, long past her sell by dateback when the idiot who married her got gunned down in Manhattan by a deluded and drug-crazed “fan”.

    • Regular Right Guy
      April 6, 2014

      ROTFL. YouTube disable the link by request. So I’m hated by all the right people.

      • Paul H. Lemmen
        April 6, 2014

        Screw ’em. Hold your head high! To have a youtube video disabled on your site by request is a badge of honor. How I envy you!

      • Regular Right Guy
        April 6, 2014

        Paul, I love you, my friend!

  2. thatmrgguy
    April 6, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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