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matt-drudgeIt ain’t like we ain’t been tellin’ ya.

Last summer Ted Cruz took the hit from the MSM and most of the pundits on Fox News for his campaign to throw ObamaCare in King Barry’s face and make a unified stand for defunding regardless of the outcome.

Although the RINOs couched their dissent from the senator’s valiant stand as a strategy disagreement, backroom personal attacks on Cruz from the likes of John McCain and others continued to bubble to the surface. Clearly moderate Republicans hated the man.

At the time we said that the establishment GOP strategy argument was a smokescreen. We said that the GOP has no plans to EVER repeal ObamaCare.

And our readership dropped by half for a week.

Well, here is Team Boehner’s first giant step in “repealing” the accursed Democrat takeover.


DAVID ESPO/My Way via Drudge:

WASHINGTON (AP) – At the prodding of business organizations, House Republicans quietly secured a recent change in President Barack Obama’s health law to expand coverage choices, a striking, one-of-a-kind departure from dozens of high-decibel attempts to repeal or dismember it.

Democrats describe the change involving small-business coverage options as a straightforward improvement of the type they are eager to make, and Obama signed it into law. Republicans are loath to agree, given the strong sentiment among the rank and file that the only fix the law deserves is a burial. …

No member of the House GOP leadership has publicly hailed the fix, which was tucked, at Republicans’ request, into legislation preventing a cut in payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

It is unclear how many members of the House rank and file knew of it because the legislation was passed by a highly unusual voice vote without debate. [Read it All]

In other words, in the parlance of the old country, they snuck it through hoping no one would notice.

Today, John Boehner and his attack Chihuahuas Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy (the holy trinity of Team Boehner) took exception to Matt Drudge’s portrayal of their underhanded midnight deal as an ObamaCare expansion.

Washington Examiner:

Hours after the Drudge Report suggested on Sunday that “Republicans expand[ed] Obamacare” in the headline for the site’s lead story, an “alert” from the office of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, countered that they had actually “chip[ped] away another piece” of the law. …

“Successfully repealing this Obamacare provision is just one part of Republicans’ larger effort to repeal the full law and replace it with better solutions focused on lowering health care costs for families and small businesses,” Boehner aide Kevin Smith wrote in the blog post.

But the second paragraph of the AP story Drudge cited in his initial post seems to say it all:

Democrats describe the change involving small-business coverage options as a straightforward improvement of the type they are eager to make, and Obama signed it into law.

So we’re just fixing it so people will like better it until we repeal it …er, something or other, and people will really like it better. Because shut up.

I have friends who consider themselves conservatives, who are so confused that they actually think Vladimir Putin is a conservative. That is what the establishment Republican Party has done for us over the last 50 years.

Making ObamaCare more palatable is a little like cutting the growth of government spending. Just another RINO sham.

File Under: RINO-Plasty

Reblogged @ThatMr.GGuy. Thanks Mike!


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3 comments on “OBoehnerCare?

  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    April 7, 2014

    Heh. Looking more and more like an elite run puppet government every day. Keep punching Don.

  2. thatmrgguy
    April 8, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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