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Al Sharpton is a Hero

300_60404It’s been all over the Internet since yesterday so I suppose it will come as no surprise to most of you that Al Sharpton is a hero.

According to The Smoking Gun Al spied for the FBI in the 1980s, ratting out the likes of Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante, Dominick “Baldy Dom” Canterino, Federico “Fritzy” Giovanelli and others.

The Smoking Gun:

APRIL 7–When friends and family members gathered recently at the White House for a private celebration of Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday, one of the invited partygoers was a former paid FBI Mafia informant.

That same man attended February’s state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande. He was seated with his girlfriend at a table adjacent to President Barack Obama, who is likely unaware that, according to federal agents, his guest once interacted with members of four of New York City’s five organized crime families. He even secretly taped some of those wiseguys using a briefcase that FBI technicians outfitted with a recording device. …

The ex-informant has been one of Obama’s most unwavering backers, a cheerleader who has nightly bludgeoned the president’s Republican opponents in televised broadsides. For his part, Obama has sought the man’s counsel, embraced him publicly, and saluted his “commitment to fight injustice and inequality.” The president has even commented favorably on his friend’s svelte figure, the physical manifestation of a rehabilitation effort that coincided with Obama’s ascension to the White House. This radical makeover has brought the man wealth, a daily TV show, bespoke suits, a luxury Upper West Side apartment, and a spot on best seller lists.

Most importantly, he has the ear of the President of the United States, an equally remarkable and perplexing achievement for the former FBI asset known as “CI-7,” the Rev. Al Sharpton. [read it all here]

So now it can be told, right? That the Tawana Brawley hoax was really just Al working deep cover for our government, not trying to squeeze it for millions in damages and reparations while destroying the reputations of innocent men accused of perpetrating a rape than never happened.

And when he incited racial riots against Jewish merchants in Crown Heights and Freddie’s Fashion Mart resulting in deaths and injuries? Al was working deep cover for the FBI to ferret out the real hooligans who stoked anti-Semitic hatred in the ‘hood.

And Al’s still undercover.

And all this time we thought that Al was just a race-baiting opportunist.

I’ll bet Al’s ancestor, Kunta Kinte Sharpton, would be proud of him. Wait. That was Alex Haley who concocted his African history from whole cloth and won a Pulitzer and made millions doing it.

I get my African American race hustlers mixed up.

UPDATE: PS. It turns out the right Reverend Al was allegedly turned when the feds got him on tape working a cocaine deal.

So forget the hero part.

My mistake.

He’s still a lowlife race-baiting charlatan.


Hat Tip Drudge

Reblogged @That Mr. G Guy. Thanks Mike!


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4 comments on “Al Sharpton is a Hero

  1. thatmrgguy
    April 8, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. Tallgrass Palms
    April 9, 2014

    If I were Big Al, I’d be watching my back. Last I heard, the mafia is still in business.

  3. gynjii
    April 13, 2014

    I’ve been on the road so I didn’t see.. have you written about Sibelius yet?!?!

    • Regular Right Guy
      April 13, 2014

      Hi! We’ve missed you! Yes, Kathy’s in last week’s lineup. She left us with her trademark glitch. We will miss her like we missed not contracting polio as kids.

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