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Don’t Fall for the Big ‘Fix’

Karl Rove at the Fox TV network summer press tour in Beverly HillsRegular Right Guy is off today. This is what the RG looks like when he’s off.

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Smitty posted a good piece over at The Other McCain this weekend that I think bears all the attention it can get.

The Sage Writes:

This Is Not The Time To Go Wobbly On #ObamaCare: Abort It With The Prejudice Of All Stone-Hearted Feminists Combined

In this one-time, symbolic sense, I’m willing to be seen encouraging an abortion. And, yes, a plan for something better, that supports liberty, the economy, mom and apple pie needs to be described. And then, Just. Bludgeon. ObamaCare. Like. A. Baby. Seal.

In ways they’ve never discussed before, senior administration officials now admit they feared late last fall that the entire law might collapse under the weight of Democratic defections and aggressive Republican calls for repeal. The mathematics of veto-proof majorities always argued against repeal, but the nightmare of followed by the “political lie of the year” on individual insurance policies filled senior Obama advisers with Affordable Care Act existential dread.

Make a fundraise out of it. Print a full copy of the legislation and amendments, drill a center hole, drop in some rebar, and then sell $5 ticket to take a whack at a monument do diabolical falsehood. ObamaCare is a river of lies, with headwaters in Hell. Let its legend as the antithesis of our Constitution grow and instruct future generations that Progress was a fool’s errand. [TOM]

We are in a second civil war.

The only difference—and, granted, it’s a significant one—is that no one is laying armed siege to anyone else. Yet.

(Note: The first place I’m laying siege to is Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard. Just kidding.)

The war is, of course, over ObamaCare, and just like Lincoln in the early years of the first Civil War the Republicans are split. Lincoln remained an Establishment conservative (well, sort of) until 1863, when he joined the “tea party.”

He drafted and signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Fredrick Douglas and the abolitionists were Abe’s new best friends and the conservatives went on to win the war about a year and a half later. The sad note here is that Lincoln didn’t live to implement Reconstruction. Al Sharpton would still be a crooked carnival tent revival preacher if he had.

Deep-pocket Republicans have no intention of “aborting” ObamaCare. Even if they win a veto-proof majority in the next election and the presidency in the next. They will tell you it is not cost effective; it will cost more to repeal it than to “fix” it. Yadayadayada.

They are big government Republicans and more government is their job security: More committees and sub-committees. Committees to study committees. More perks, junkets, better offices and staff positions. Fatter power-brokers, and we’re talking Karl Rove pudgy.

We cannot give in to these a$$clowns. We must (to paraphrase Smitty) take a sledgehammer to this monster and beat it, while it is screaming and kicking and whining, to death. Run it up a flagpole and march it through the streets burning.

The pressure for further health care reform to “fix” Obamacare’s mess is already rising, and that political pressure will actually increase given the number of people enrolled in either plans they view as too expensive or in Medicaid programs which strain state budgets and fail to deliver access to care. The more those costs burden states and working families with higher costs, worse coverage, and restricted access, the louder the clamor to pass further reforms. Every candidate in 2016 is going to have a health care plan, and the people will decide which direction they want to go. Hot

ObamaCare is the greatest transfer of wealth in world history, or will be if it is fully implemented. It is literally the destruction of free-market capitalism. If we allow the Establishment to tweak it—”fix” it—we will not recognize the United States in 10 years.

Hold the GOP’s feet to the fire!

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