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Stupid Muslim Dupe, Breyer, Still Stupid

dk1pcUprb0F2UFEx_o_rev-chloe-breyer-of-the-interfaith-center-wants-you-to-You could have watched Megyn Kelly‘s interview with Justice Stephen Breyer‘s daughter, Rev. Chloe Breyer, without sound yesterday, and pretty much have known that the short bus made a stop at Fox News studios.

Sorry to say that was the best I could do; all of the “dinner jihad” jokes have been taken.

For those of you who don’t want to watch a video for 6 minutes or read a lengthy article, Rev. Breyer is one of the four-alarm nutjobs who are trying to scrub away any hint that Muslims attacked the United States on 9-11 from our history.

Specifically, this week, in redefining the true meaning of “jihad” for future visitors to the 9-11 memorial museum at the former World Trade Center site in New York. Obviously Breyer has never seen a Muslim she doesn’t absolutely love, and will not until one stuffs a pound of Semtex up her wide lefty @$$.

But if you have an inclination to waste 6 minutes of your remaining valuable time on earth, you should watch it with sound anyway.

Info: Get a more intellectual take from our friend Prof. Donald Douglas here. Hey, I can do intellectual. No really, but … never mind.

First, let’s get the whole “not all Muslims are extremist” argument out of the way. They aren’t. But a majority of Muslims enable these monsters by not speaking out against them, either here or anywhere else in the world, blah blah blah.

It indeed is hard to find a Muslim nowadays who is intellectually honest enough to admit a significant part (more than 110 million worldwide) of Islam is extremist.

Not convinced? Name three Muslims you know of whose names don’t start with Osama and end with bin Laden. Not to complicate things, but try for a prominent “moderate.” Yes, you may use an encyclopedia.

Oh, screw Omar Khayyam!

The worldwide voice of Islam is extreme, moron!

Concerning Justice Stephen Breyer and his responsibility for the disastrous glitch of the human procreative experiment that is Rev. Chloe Breyer; this would be a good time for a PSA on dangerous liberal mating practices.

Hint Chelsea Clinton.

Okay, that was completely uncalled for.

Sorry, etc. etc.

Reblogged @That Mr. G Guy. Thanks again Mike!!!


Sorry guys, it was just too time consuming today.

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8 comments on “Stupid Muslim Dupe, Breyer, Still Stupid

  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    April 24, 2014

    Heh. I’d rather spend the six minutes spreading manure on my roses than listening to a progressive twatwaffle spread it in a video clip …

    • Regular Right Guy
      April 25, 2014

      Big fail, there for Justice Breyer, huh?

      • Paul H. Lemmen
        April 25, 2014

        Yep. Remember, the fruit falls very close to the tree …

      • Regular Right Guy
        April 25, 2014

        Yes it does bro!

  2. thatmrgguy
    April 24, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  3. gynjii
    April 25, 2014

    I’m back to regularly watching the news, and OMG, I keep wanting to request you comment on things.. you convey my sentiments, only in a little more colorful manner. ^_^

    • Regular Right Guy
      April 25, 2014

      I have a hard time keeping my sense of humor. If you saw this woman! I mean, bizzaro!!!

  4. Joe Hall
    April 28, 2014

    From the Muslim perspective, the Islamic attack on the Twin Towers was indeed “jihad” and it was indeed a good deed. That is the truth. Muslims do not have a problem with mixing lies and truth, by the way. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, approved of lying in 3 cases, first with one’s wife and friends (to preserve relationships, haha) and with enemies (to dominate them). Of course such lying is part of “jihad.” the struggle that devout Muslims have to do good works. And it is indeed a struggle in which the mixing of lies with truth is commonplace, expected and even encouraged, if it benefits the umma, the Muslim community.. As well, the mixing of violence with apparently peaceful actions is not problematic. In fact, the Islamic conception of peace itself is a curious mix of what would normally be understood as peaceful action with action that would be considered violent. Islam might be said to be a “religion of peace” only in the sense that it longs for the time when everyone has submitted to the rule of Islam or has been killed. Therefore, the actions against New York by those Muslims 13 years ago might be thought to be acts of peaceful jihad, attempts to usher in a golden age of Islamic rule, if not by argument, by force. After all, there’s the example of the life of the prophet of Islam to spur on the faithful. People should read! Read the horrible words of the the Hadith, records of the words and deeds of Mohammed ibn Abdullah, the prophet who had the “seal of the prophets” mole on his neck, along with the nifty prophet ring which said “Mohammed, Messenger of Allah.” Oh, how he loved seeing its glint in the afternoon sun, especially after a morning of cutting off heads! He was such a lovely guy he could cut off the heads of 900 Jewish boys and men all by himself without stopping. What a great guy. What a peacemaker! And his followers? Well, they’re the best of people preserved for mankind! So submit to Islam or maybe your friendly, neighborhood Muslim in jihad is going to be honoring his prophet, giving you the peace of Islam, when least you expect it.

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