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David Gregory … Still Russertless?

ap290655732197-ac4493c22e23d81696609ca17cc6abf97d3130ff-s4-c85NBC made headlines last week when it was leaked that the network has hired a psychological consultant to… um, work with the family and friends of current “Meet the Press” host David Gregory. It seems someone over at the Peacock thought the Tim Russert replacement was in that kind of trouble.

We have no idea why.

David seems perfectly… No, sane’s not the word I was looking for…

The Daily Caller:

NBC’s David Gregory pressed Tony Blair over the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism worldwide, arguing that perhaps the former British prime minister’s support for the Iraq War bolstered Islamic terrorism — a charge Blair vehemently denied.

Blair appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday to advocate for a stronger Western response to the burgeoning threat of Islamic fundamentalism in places like Syria, Yemen, Iraq and North Africa.

But Gregory pushed back. ”Isn’t the legacy of your leadership, and that of President Bush, in part responsible for the reality today?” he asked, noting that many in both the United States and Britain believe interventions in places like Iraq emboldened and inspired Islamic radicals and took resources away from the fight against al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

“So we’ve got to liberate ourselves from this,” Blair responded forcefully, “because we’re making a huge error when we end up thinking somehow it’s our actions that have caused this.”

The former prime minister noted that due to the invasions, “brutal dictators” were removed from Iraq and Afghanistan, election took place and fundamentalist fighters were forced into hiding. By contrast, in places like Syria without Western involvement, they’re “still going and fighting jihad there.”

“So you can carry on explaining all this by saying, ‘It’s us, we provoked them, it’s really — they’re just trying to react against Western imperialism — it’s nonsense!” Blair fumed. [More]

I know, huh?

Come to think of it, ever since George W. Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair caused radical Muslims to attack the World Trade Centers and Pentagon causing the deaths of 3,000 Americans, David has been acting a little strange.

It’s probably nothing.

Maybe he just needs a good nap.

No word on whether or not the psychologist is making progress, or if he has suggested limiting David’s access to dangerous objects such as scissors and AK-47 magazines.

Meantime, “Meet the Press” remains Russertless.

Otherwise everything’s A-Okey.

HT/Daily Caller, Breitbart [Image]

Reblogged @That Mr. G Guy. Thanks again Mike!


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