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#RonanFarrow Has Been Noticed…

ronan-farrow-bioWearing bright blue contact lenses that make his eyes look more, er, Frankish.

And if you don’t have anything better to do with your life than speculate about #RonanFarrow’s parentage, you might even give a flying #^*%.

Page Six via Drudge:

You can call Ronan Farrow “Faux Blue Eyes.”

The son of Mia Farrow and possibly “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra wears colored contact lenses to make his eyes a brighter blue, sources confirmed to Page Six.

The MSNBC host landed his show soon after Mia claimed that Sinatra, and not Woody Allen, could be Ronan’s father, sparking a debate about whether he shares the legendary singer’s piercing eyes.

But Ronan was spotted fueling the speculation by wearing contacts to make his eyes appear Sinatra blue during the Time 100 Gala Tuesday at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“You could see the outline of his contacts,” said a spy.

A friend confirmed of Ronan’s colored contacts, “He’s blind as a bat, they are prescription contacts. They are tinted white, but they do make his eyes brighter blue.”

And even Allen has admitted that Farrow looked like Sinatra, recently writing, “Granted, he looks a lot like Frank with the blue eyes and facial features.”

Azure-eyed Ronan told us at the gala he’s trying to drown out the controversy surrounding his family. “I think it’s important to tune out some of the noise, do your job, keep your head down,” he said when we asked if he pored over reviews of his show.

Wow! Something like 1.5 million daytime TV viewers had exactly the same idea.

It’s all right, Ronan, even your speculative father Frank had his eye color touched up on his album covers. The important thing is not to ever get that simple DNA paternity test to find out.

Then you might have to face the truth for once in your life, and that could be career suicide at MSNBC.

And, who knows, your real father might be Robert Goulet.

Wait. You didn’t know about… Robert… Goul…?

Forget I said anything… It was probably nothing… Probably didn’t even happen… I’ll just shut up now. Hey, good luck with the show…

Okay, forget I said anything… about… the… show…


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