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John Conyers: Who needs voters, when you have a crooked Obama-appointed federal judge in your hip pocket?

10170664-largeFor a moment there it seemed like Detroit voters’ enthusiastic lack of interest in returning gazillion-teenth term Democratic congressman John Conyers to the House of Representatives would put the scandalous old duffer out of business for good. And then they found out that, like a lot of other things in Michigan, election laws don’t apply to Democrats. Breitbart:

This election year, Democrat and longtime Congressman John Conyers did not satisfy Michigan election law by getting enough valid signatures on his nomination petitions, so the state ruled he did not qualify for the ballot. Now a federal judge has vacated the state’s decision and put Conyers back on the ballot.

The Congressman’s 49-year career was threatened with a sudden ending if he did not make the primary ballot, but Conyers can now breathe a sigh of relief as a federal judge has stepped in to challenge state authorities.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman, an Obama nominee who has only been on the bench for two months, is now insisting that some of the state’s findings are incorrect.

Citing Conyers’s “good intentions,” Judge Leitman said in his Friday afternoon ruling, “There is evidence that their failure to comply with the Registration Statute was the result of good faith mistakes and that they believed they were in compliance with the statute.”

County and state officials determined that several of Conyers’s signature-gatherers did not legally qualify for the role, meaning that all the signatures they gathered were invalid. It was discovered that several of these campaign workers were not registered to vote in Michigan or did not live at the addresses that they gave to authorities, both violations of rules governing petition circulators.

So what’s the big deal, serfs! Do you expect Conyers’ volunteers to show that they’re United States citizens or something? Someone should report these racists to Eric Holder for trying to subvert the democratic process and actually require people to prove they’re not newly arrived Botswanan nationals, before they involve themselves in our elections.

Anyway, I know you guys from Detroit thought you were finally going to get your trash picked up on time without your U.S. congressman getting kickbacks.

False alarm.

Sludge Lord” John is still in business.

At least for now.

It may work out.

It has, twenty-five times before.

Oh, and the young and voluptuous Mrs. Conyers, formerly of the Detroit City Council, is finally out of federal prison at “Camp Cupcake” after taking the fall for her husba… er, serving her 36-month sentence for corruption and bribery. So she’ll be able to dig, um, drum up some voters for the primary election.


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